Solutions to Boost Visibility and Safety

See Better and Drive Safer

At AutoZone, we know good visibility is crucial to safe driving. We're here to help you with everything you need to see and be seen, including helpful advice if you need it. Use the handy checklist below to make sure you maximize your visibility and safety.

Visibility Safety Checklist

Check your windshield and rear wiper blades.
Look for signs that your wiper blades need replacing. Squealing, chattering, streaking, smearing or deteriorating rubber on the squeegee are all symptoms of bad wiper blades. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace them every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Check your headlight brightness.
Headlight bulbs dim over time, so it's a good idea to replace them in pairs. To check your bulbs, park on a level surface facing five feet from a wall and observe the light display. The circles of light should be bright and white, not yellow and dim. The circles should also be even and aligned straight forward on the wall.

Change your headlight bulbs.
Upgrade to whiter, brighter bulbs to improve visibility and widen your field of vision.

Check your headlight lenses.
Even with new bulbs, a foggy, cloudy, hazy lens surface can limit your visibility while driving and take away from the beauty of your car. You can restore them to like-new condition with one of many available headlight lens restorer kits.

Check your mirrors.
Ensure they are in good working condition without cracks. Damaged mirrors can be cost-effectively replaced with high-quality replacement mirrors available at AutoZone.

Check your tail lights, brake lights, backup lights and license plate illumination lights.
Back your vehicle about ten feet from a wall and activate your rear lights while watching in your rear view mirror. You can replace these easily and possibly prevent an accident.® ©2001- 2019  AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved.