License Plate Bracket and Frame

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1-13 of 13 Results


      License Plate Bracket and Frame

      Personalize Your Ride With a License Plate Bracket and Frame

      Not every car is the same, and not every state is the same. If you move to a new state that requires a front and back license plate or want to personalize your ride with a custom plate, some vehicles aren't designed for accommodating a front plate. Instead of feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do, count on AutoZone to have the lowest prices on license plate bracket and frames. No matter the ride, these parts can get you legally driving down the road or help you add the personalization you desire.

      Easy Solution

      While many people may not think much about their plates, there are times they can become a hassle. If you register your vehicle in a new state and are presented two plates instead of the one you used to get it, put your mind at ease that an easy solution is just around the corner.

      High-Quality Materials

      AutoZone has high-quality brackets designed for mounting on plastic bumpers. They are crafted from 16-gauge steel, ensuring they will last as long as you need it. Their universal fit and easy installation can make passing a vehicle inspection a breeze. Designed for ease, these brackets simply screw in. The assembly only weights 1.22 pounds, ensuring it won't weigh heavily on your plastic bumper.

      Customized Design

      When it comes to the best license plate bracket and frames for cars and trucks, AutoZone has you covered. Whether you want to show off your military pride, alma mater or bring awareness whenever you are on the road, unfortunately your vehicle may hamper your style. If your vehicle has a contoured bumper or you are worried about damaging the bumper, our mounting brackets make adding a plate safe and easy. They are designed to accommodate standard 6-by-12-inch novelty plates and come with the necessary hardware for easy installation. They can also be used on trailers.

      Versatile Options

      If your ride is a little more heavy duty and has a winch, it doesn't have to deter you from getting that special plate or ensuring it is visible. A license plate re-locator for winch trays offers a versatile option to ensure your plates can be seen when not using the winch. The plate mounts between the fair lead and winch tray and is secured with a clasp. It features a hinged system that easily flips out of the way when it's time to use the winch. These are ideal for use on trucks and SUVs but are not recommended for ATVs.

      Confident Staff

      The next time you see the perfect plate to show off your style, don't worry if your vehicle isn't ready for it. When it's time to search for “license plate bracket and frames near me,” you can feel confident that AutoZone will have what you need and the expert staff to help you understand the process.