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1-7 of 7 Results


      License Plate Cover

      Protect Your Plates

      Choose from the best license plate covers for cars and trucks by ProElite. These plate covers are made out of unbreakable polycarbonate and are resistant to ultra violet rays. A high-quality cover can preserve the condition of your license plates and any registration stickers that are affixed to the surface of the plates.

      Flat and Bubble Shields

      License plate covers provide a universal fit for a standard 6-inch by 12-inch license plate. You have the option to choose a flat or bubble-style license plate cover. A flat cover is designed to provide a close fit directly over the plate, while a bubble cover provides a raised fit. Both styles of covers are available in clear or smoke colors.

      ProElite license plate covers ship with detailed installation instructions but without additional hardware. You can order replacement screws separately if you also need these components. For a more complete license plate protection solution, you may want to consider a kit that combines a license plate frame and cover with all of the hardware necessary for installation. This kit contains four standard and four metric fasteners along with caps and retainers.

      Affordable Plate Covers

      AutoZone has the lowest prices on license plate covers from leading brands. We also stock high-quality parts that can keep your license plates in place years to come. Before you install any plate cover, it is a good idea to check local laws for road legal vehicles. You may want to use clear plate covers to protect the condition of your license plates and avoid fines for obscuring your plate number. Maintain the condition of license plate covers by cleaning these accessories during a full car or truck detailing.

      Shop Exterior Accessories

      In addition to license plate accessories, you can also shop our large inventory of exterior accessories. Whether you are looking for vehicle covers, deflectors or solutions for carrying cargo or towing, you can find everything you need online or in store. While license plate covers provide a universal fit, it can be helpful to enter your vehicle specifications when shopping for components that are more specialized. You can narrow down your options to parts that fit your car or truck by entering the year, make and model of your vehicle.

      If you want to install or replace covers on your license plates as soon as possible, look for license plate covers near me. Popular covers may already be in stock at your closest AutoZone store location. If the style you want is not currently available in store, you can order plate covers for home delivery as soon as the next day or store pick up. Shop at AutoZone to get great deals on all the accessories you need to customize and protect your vehicle.