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Cigarette Lighter and Accessories

Top-Rated Cigarette Lighters and Accessories
 Cigarette lighters and accessories sockets aren't just for smokers. One reason these 12-volt connections appear in virtually all modern automobiles is that they're useful for powering a wide variety of devices. Whether you want to replace a lost lighter element or install a new power socket from scratch, at AutoZone we make it easy to find the best cigarette lighters and accessories for cars and trucks.

Powering Devices on the Go
Car and truck accessory sockets are compatible with tons of electronic gadgets and state-of-the-art security tech. The list of entertainment options are virtually endless: MP3 players, laptops and Blu-Ray players can all run properly with a 12V socket and the appropriate adapter. Dashboard cameras, screens and GPS devices also interface seamlessly with these connections. That makes cigarette lighters and dedicated accessory sockets popular items within vehicles, and many cars and trucks feature several throughout the cabin.

Safe Solutions for Open Sockets
Moms and dads may get nervous with little hands around lighter elements or open 12V sockets, so we offer a simple solution to both situations: safety plugs. These covers fit tightly into place, preventing metal objects and prying fingers from going places they shouldn't.

Safety Is a Top Priority
It's important to note that while most electronic devices are compatible with cigarette lighter sockets, not all cigarette lighters are compatible with modern accessory sockets. Trying to force a cigarette lighter into them can result in overheating or dangerous accidents. It's better to reserve or install an actual cigarette lighter receptacle for this purpose.

Install and Adapt With Accessory Kits
Making a DIY project out of installing or adapting a lighter or accessory socket is a great idea that doesn't require a large time investment. If your vehicle didn't come standard with a 12V socket, there's a good chance that the necessary slot and wiring is already in place. All you need is to pick out an accessory kit that you like by searching for cigarette lighters and accessories near me in our AutoZone online parts lookup. Then slide the unit into place, secure it and connect the wires.

DIY Upgrade Solutions
In the case of a vehicle without a dedicated slot for a cigarette lighter — or if you feel like adding another accessory slot to the center console or dashboard — installation means making a hole in the location you want to position the socket. Check your owner's manual to make sure you don't damage any underlying wiring or components when drilling. Place masking tape over the surface for easier marking. 

Quick Installation Tips
First, drill the hole. Slide the dash mount lighter or accessory receptacle into place, and then secure the socket from the opposite side of the console or dashboard with the included ring or casing. After disconnecting the battery, the final step is to run a central wire and in-line fuse between the socket and a permanent positive post, and a ground wire to any nearby part of the car's body.

Find What You Need at AutoZone
With the lowest prices on cigarette lighters and accessories, our AutoZone parts make adding multiple accessory slots in vehicles old and new isn't difficult. Keep your passengers happy and bring your daily commute to life.