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1-2 of 2 Results


      Loaner Oxygen Sensor Socket

      Don't Get Stuck Without the Tools You Need for Your Car Repair Job

      Got a big maintenance project ahead but lack the gear you need? You came to AutoZone, so you're in just the right place. We stock the best loaner oxygen sensor sockets for cars and trucks, ready to bring right to your door and help you get back on the road.

      Save Money With Self Repairs

      You're a savvy driver, so you immediately recognized the signs of an oxygen sensor going bad: rough idling, fouled spark plugs, hard starting, jerking or a check engine light that's on. Like any self-reliant individual, you opted to replace it on your own. That's a wise move, since you're saving yourself both time and money. All goes according to plan until you're knee deep in that project, up to your elbows in parts and plain old hard work and you discover, quite annoyingly, that you're missing an essential component: an oxygen sensor socket. Unfortunately, that's not exactly a tool that you've included in your standard gear box. You can't finish the job without it, so you're stuck and your vehicle's sidelined until you can get your hot little hands on one.

      Buy or Rent

      Not being the type of person who gives up, you pull out your smartphone or get onto your computer and search for oxygen sockets. Maybe you even typed “loaner oxygen sensor sockets near me” into the search bar. Either way, you ended up at America's leading auto parts retailer: AutoZone. Now that you're here, take a look at our selection of oxygen sensor sockets ready for your project through our famous Loan-a-Tool service. For more than 30 years, we've offered this convenience to our customers to help them finish any maintenance, repair or upgrade project. It's also the perfect way to get the specialty tools you need in a pinch without dropping serious cash or searching all over creation for them. The premise of our Loan-A-Tool program is simple. Choose the tool you need online or at your nearest AutoZone location, then leave a deposit and receive the tool. When you're done, simply return the tool within 90 days to receive a complete refund. If you like the tool, just keep it. Your deposit pays for the tool and you're done.

      Whatever You Need at the Right Price

      Not only does AutoZone have lowest prices on loaner oxygen sensor sockets, we also carry a wide variety of other tools through our Loan-a-Tool service. Get the essentials for your next project, whether it's on your AC system, engine, exhaust, steering, suspension, fuel system or anything else inside your vehicle. Thanks to our extensive selection of loaner tools, you're never without the necessary gear to finish a maintenance, repair or upgrade job. Not sure what you need to complete your project? Talk to our helpful AutoZoners at your friendly neighborhood store location, our toll-free number or via email.