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Certifiably Powerful

New look. same great parts.

Formerly referred to as the Advantage line, ACDelco Silver parts are a quality high-value option for most makes and models, backed by General Motors. As the packaging transitions to the new design, some ACDelco products are still in their original packaging—regardless of design, it will always contain the high-quality GM parts you expect.

ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 24FS Group Size 24F - Cold Cranking Amps: 600 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 113 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 65S Group Size 65 - Cold Cranking Amps: 750 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 48S Group Size 48 - Cold Cranking Amps: 680 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 140 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 35S Group Size 35 - Cold Cranking Amps: 540 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 85 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 34S Group Size 34 - Cold Cranking Amps: 685 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 47S Group Size 47 - Cold Cranking Amps: 630 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 85 minutes
ACDelco Silver (Advantage) 51RS Group Size 51R - Cold Cranking Amps: 460 at 0° Reserve Capacity: 75 minutes
Made for powerful performance. CORROSION-RESISTANT : Overall terminal design minimizes acid leaks, seepage, corrosion, and black post, helping the terminal posts stay clean and corrosion free. Additionally, both positive and negative grids are Lead-Calcium alloy, maximizing corrosion resistance. LONG-LASTING : An impact- and break-resistant plastic case and robust separator envelopes help maximize durability. Premium technology in the metal alloys, chemicals, and design combine for long-life performance. TRIED & TESTED : Each ACDelco Silver Battery is manufactured with dozens of quality-control checks to meet ACDelco standards.