Autolite - Igniting Your Passion



You've got a passion for performance. Autolite® has a passion for spark plugs. Autolite® individually engineers each plug for every specialized application. As the number one manufacturer of ignition products in North America, Autolite® manufactures ignition products, including spark plugs and glow plugs, for domestic and import automobiles; as well as spark plugs for lawn & garden and powersports that meet or exceed OE fit and function requirements.


Autolite® Iridium XP Spark Plug - Autolite® Iridium XP is an engineered OE replacement iridium spark plug, balancing a tested blend of iridium, platinum, and palladium. Iridium XP plugs precisely focus spark energy at the optimum ignition point to deliver high power, long life, and exceptional value.
Autolite High Thread Pro® - Autolite High Thread Pro® spark plugs are an OE design exclusively for FORD 3V engines. These plugs are powered by a unique, patented design that forms a more comprehensive seal and does not require gap adjustment.
Autolite Iridium Ultra® Spark Plug - Autolite Iridium Ultra® is an engineered OE replacement iridium spark plug with a laser-welded 0.5 mm iridium finewire center electrode provides optimal fuel efficiency, acceleration, and focused ignitability.
Autolite® Double Platinum Spark Plug - The platinum-to-platinum design of Autolite® Double Platinum spark plugs greatly decreases gap erosion and reduces misfires, making these a superior-performing spark plugs for distributorless ignition system (DIS) engines.
Autolite® Platinum Spark Plug - Autolite® Platinum spark plugs provide a center wire platinum firing tip for improved performance and durability. These plugs fire quicker and cleaner with less voltage, creating easier starts, quicker acceleration, and improved fuel economy versus standard plugs.
Autolite® Copper Spark Plug - Autolite® Copper spark plugs deliver quick starts, good fuel economy and smooth acceleration.
Autolite® Glow plugs - Autolite® Glow Plugs are manufactured with a high-heat Nickel-chrome metal alloy to fire up diesel engines from a cold start.
Autolite® Racing Spark Plug - Autolite® Racing plugs are designed for performance and with a passion for racing, sparking you to victory.
Autolite® Small Engine - Autolite® Small Engine plugs are engineered for long life and top performance in your powersports equipment. These plugs cover motorcycle, snowmobiles, and other recreational vehicles in the most demanding environments.
Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Sport™ - Built to take powersports to the extreme, Autolite Iridium Xtreme Sport™ spark plugs are designed with an iridium–enhanced 0.6 mm finewire electrode. Snowmobilers, boaters and bikers can expect improved ignitability, faster fuel combustion and a more focused ignition versus standard plugs.
Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Start™ - When outdoor work is demanding, homeowners and landscapers demand a better plug. From lawn mowers to chainsaws, Autolite Iridium Xtreme Start™ spark plugs provide up to 26% quicker, more consistent starts and greater fouling protection versus standard copper plugs.
Compare the mileage/service life, fuel efficiency, and fouling resistance of the most popular Autolite® Spark Plugs.