High Performance Windshield Wipers

Navigate Safely Through Any Storm


Want to take your vision further? Learn about how Bosch ENVISION™ wipers can help keep you safe in extreme weather and at night.


Driving in the rain can be stressful, especially at night. ENVISION™ wipers sharpen night visibility and offer extreme weather safety.

Bosch Envision : NightFocus™ technology provides uniform wiping stability to reduce blur for sharpened night visibility. Remove the cover sticker to reveal the SafeCheck indicator. When it turns yellow, it is time to check your blades for sign of wear.
Bosch ICON : ClearMax 365™ rubber technology is tested to perform up to 40% longer than other premium blades. Optimized beam bending technology adapts to the entire curve of the windshield.


Bosch ICON™ - ICON™ wipers deliver ultimate all-season performance that lasts up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades.
Bosch Evolution™ - Evolution™ wipers provide exceptional all-weather visibility and easy one-step installation.
Bosch MicroEdge™ - MicroEdge™ wipers are designed for dependable wiping performance with quick and easy installation.
Bosch Snow Driver™ - Snow Driver™ wipers are tested to perform at -20°F providing advanced winter dependability.