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AutoZoners always put customers first!

Customer Testimonials

Columbus Region

I stopped at the Moundsville, West Virginia store today as my driver side windshield wiper was not working. A young man said he would take a look. He asked me politely to please pop the hood; then said, "I see the problem. Let me get the right tool and I'll be back." He explained as he was tightening the nut how this happens and what to do to prevent it from happening again. I had a few ones and offered it and he said, "No ma'am. I just did my job. If you every need anything else just stop back!" He should be commended for a job well done! Thanks for your A-1 customer service!

Central Florida Region

I want to take a moment and thank Montel Walker for his professionalism and customer service skills. I shop at AutoZone in Sumter, SC for all of my auto needs and sought out the same in Orlando. Mr. Walker knows what customer service means, knows how to talk to strangers, and knows the vehicle operation system inside and out. I hope his services are not ignored, but used as a model for other store managers. Thanks again Mr. Walker!

New England Region

I would like to extend my compliments to Keirnan O'Halloran at your Hudson, MA store for an EXCEPTIONAL job WELL DONE!! The blower motor/fan on my 2004 Impala failed on a cold December night, and Keirnan was able to instruct me over the phone as to whether it was the motor or resistor that failed. Thanks to him, I saved money and valuable time - not to mention... the vehicle was not safe to drive without the fan to generate heat to defrost the window and clear the ice and snow! I actually called Keirnan a few times, and he was very informative and patient; all while helping store customers at the same time! I later called the store manager to let them know and was glad to learn that Keirnan is in the management program. GOOD LUCK KEIRNAN, and THANKS AGAIN. A very satisfied customer!

South Florida Region

I am writing to compliment one of your employees, Angel, at your store at (Prima Vista Blvd./Airoso Blvd. intersection). After having my battery jumped, I drove directly to AutoZone. Angel came out to the parking lot to test my battery. He determined I had some dead cells. The battery was over 5 years old, so of course I needed a new one. He showed me battery choices and explained the warranties, etc. I was impressed with his knowledge and patience. I told him that things like a dead battery rock my world since my husband died. He gave me his condolences, and said, "Don't worry. I'll take good care of you."... He told me he would install my new battery at no cost. What a relief! When he installed the battery, the battery mount was too small. I gave him permission to install a new one, which he did! Angel was very kind, patient and thorough in the job he did for me. I was a nervous wreck and he calmed me right down. I appreciate the excellent customer service and his positive attitude. From now on, I will always shop at AutoZone. Thank you, Angel!

Richmond Region

I unfortunately did not get the employee's name that helped me. I had had a 16 hour work day, and then had to drive home to Charlottesville from Richmond. One mile from the I-64 exit, (it had started to lightly rain) my windshield wiper on the driver's side stopped working. I was barely able to make it to the AutoZone a few miles away, not thinking they could do anything for me. This wonderfully kind gentleman in the store came out and looked at my wiper, found it was just loose, and repaired it there in the parking lot - expecting nothing in return. I purchased new wipers, to take with me, but he insisted on installing them. I almost cried I was so grateful. I live on the other side of town, and knew I could not drive that far the way they were - and was so very exhausted. I hope he will be rewarded for such excellent customer service.

Columbus Region

I want to let you know about a wonderful employee at your Marysville location. I stopped in due to a passenger side turn signal and brake light that were both out. Instead of just selling me the bulbs, Matt came out to my car to take a look thinking it had to be more than a bulb if both lights were out. He took the time to open up the compartment and discovered the bulb on the brake light had come loose and was rattling around the light itself. He fixed the bulb; put everything back in its place and both the turn signal and brake light were working perfectly. This man could have just sold me the bulbs and sent me on my way, but he went above and beyond to provide great customer care. I find it rare these days and Matt should be commended. Talk about Christmas spirit!

Columbus Region

This comment is for Store #4525 at 8338 Sancus Blvd in Columbus, OH. I just want to let you all know about the excellent customer service I received today. I went into the store to purchase wiper blades for my car to prepare for an impending storm this evening. I received great assistance from Austin. I was greeted immediately as I entered the store, he looked up the blades for my car and I asked him to show me how to attach them. I was struck by his politeness and willingness to help. Oftentimes a woman going into an auto store can be treated in a condescending manner; and I appreciate Austin not doing that. He didn't try to oversell me; in fact he told me about a sale on wiper blades so that I could get better ones at nearly the same cost as less expensive ones. He also took the time to show me how to install them with a few tips. The customer service I received today ensures that I will be coming back to this AutoZone for my car needs and sets the expectations for others I may visit.

Dallas Region

I want to take a few moments to praise the team at Store 5798 in Carrolton, TX; especially the store manager, Rony! My wife, sister-in-law, and 6 month old daughter were all in route to Austin from Central IL when my car started misfiring, leaving the vehicle limping along. We found this AutoZone, knowing that they usually do free diagnostics. At 7:30 on Saturday morning (12-22), Rony headed out with the diagnostics tool, and then displayed the results on his computer back in the store. He recommended a new ignition coil, as the Ford Escape had issues with those particular parts. He then showed me how to install the part, which fixed the issue. This got us to Austin for the holidays. I cannot even begin to express the level of gratitude that my family feels toward him, and how professional and knowledgeable that he was. Thank you AutoZone and Rony!

Kansas City Region

Store Manager, Derrick Van Buren at store # 4417 is fantastic. He has made his store my first choice any time I need auto parts or accessories. I observed his customer service with me and other customers, and he is outstanding. He is an employee to be proud of. There are 3 competitors closer to my home than your store but I would not consider going to them because of Derrick. The store also looks great. Thank you for offering a great place to shop.

Hartford Region

1/8/13 at 6 pm we were visiting in Springfield, MA and our car wouldn't start. We jumped it off and went on our phones to find the closest AutoZone. We found 606 State Street, right around the corner from where we were. We requested that our battery and alternator be tested. Chris was prompt to help. There were 4 of us including myself, my husband and my two daughters. We were all standing around Chris watching him work. He was very patient, accurate and respectful. As he continued testing, I went into the store to ask Don Morgan if AutoZone had a service dept. He explained they do not. He told me the closest shop... was Sears and said he would check to see how late they were open. He picked up the phone, called someone, said "They would call back in a second to let us know." My daughters proceeded into the store and we poked around looking at seat covers and other accessories. The phone rang and Don said, "Sears is opened until 7 pm." He didn't have to do that for us but he did; that reflects caring about the customer. The store is spotless and looks like a brand-new store. Don and Chris looked professional and clean. In most retail settings, when you encounter a young person, male or female, they frequently act as if they are there only to collect a paycheck. Not Chris, he was courteous, clean, respectful, patient and accurate; all while it was cold outside on a winter night in MA checking our battery/alternator for us. We didn't buy a thing. We were not paying customers. Our battery/alternator checked out fine. It seems that the problem is a short or loose wire. I felt like I wanted to give them something because of the time they spent but the money we didn't. When I asked Don to change a $20 so I could give Chris a little something (of course I was going to give Don something too), he wouldn't take the $20 to change. He said "That's what we're here for ma'am." I'm a life-long AutoZone customer now, you can be sure. DON'T LOSE DON AND CHRIS; KEEP THESE GEMS!!!!

St. Louis Region

I just wanted to let you know that my store at 735 N Market St., Waterloo, IL 62298 is EXCELLENT. I just bought a battery today and was helped out by Dallas Robert. He installed it quickly and answered all my questions. He was great to deal with - very professional and knowledgeable. I have always had a positive experience at that store. They should be commended!

Kansas Region

I just want to share the wonderful experience we had working with Jordan at the AutoZone on Lincoln and Oliver in Wichita, KS. He was so enthusiastic and friendly and helpful in helping us with our car. It was a great experience and he deserves to be recognized for his excellent customer service. His auto knowledge and customer service skills have insured that we will return to AutoZone with all our future automobile related needs.

St. Louis Region

I visited your store #0258 today and purchased a headlight bulb. The salesperson, Max, helped me out by installing the bulb for me in the cold driving rain. It is not very common that you meet employees as cordial as Max. He went above and beyond to help me and in such inclement weather conditions. I just want to commend his efforts and let you know that you have an outstanding employee working for your company!

Washington D.C. Region

Customer arrived at the store to return two battery cables that she purchased stating she didn't think that was her problem, but her friends told her that she needed a cable instead. She was very unsure of what was wrong with her car and further conversation with the customer yielded that her car would not start sometimes and when it did, it would stall in traffic creating embarrassment and traffic back-ups.... She had gone to Advance Auto and they told her the battery was bad. She purchased a battery and they installed it but the problem persisted. They suggested she take the car to a mechanic. She had been dealing with this problem for over a month and she did not know what to do with it because she could not afford to go to a mechanic.

Going out to the customer's vehicle revealed the battery was not corroded and the connections were tight. However, the car was not getting sufficient ground to energize the vehicle. Following the negative battery cable underneath the air intake revealed that the ground was frayed almost in two. This was causing her grounding problem. The problem was solved by installing a new negative battery cable and properly grounding it to the chassis. The customer was ecstatic that AutoZone was able to diagnose and fix her problem quickly and cost effectively after having a negative experience with Advance. She promised to return when she needed anything else for her vehicle.

Chattanooga Region

I went into your store at 4836 Ridge Road in Douglasville, GA this morning and had an awesome experience. I had been having problems with my power steering this morning and had done some research online. I knew that I needed the power steering checked and belt conditioning sprayed on the belt. Lawrence held the door for me as I walked in. I told him my problem... and he told me he was assisting another customer and he would be right with me. A few minutes passed and during that time it began to pour outside. When he was done with the other customer he came over and we talked about the problem. He asked for my keys, put his poncho on and went to assess the problem. He came back in told me that the fluid looked okay and got the belt conditioning and sprayed it on for me. He also recommended a fuel treatment for my car. Keep in mind that he did all this for me in the pouring down rain, thunder and lightning.

I was impressed to say the least. I fully expected him to say let's wait for the rain to stop and then we can check it out. I don't know many employees of any company who would go over and beyond for a customer in the pouring down rain. I will be a customer for life because of Lawrence. He is really a great asset to your company.

San Antonio Region

A customer came into the store and told an AutoZoner that she needed some help. She explained to David that her car made a 'popping' sound and stopped on the side of a busy road right in front of the store. David noticed that the car was close to the entrance of the store in a very dangerous location. He went out to the car with the lady and told her to get in so he could push her car into the parking lot. Once there, she thanked him and said she had just gotten the car out of the shop... and was going to call a tow-truck to take it back. David offered to look under the hood and see if there was anything he could help with. She agreed, and when he opened the hood, saw a spark plug lying on top of the valve cover. He told her that it was probably the problem. He got some tools and installed the spark plug and wire for her; and got the car to start. It fired right up and was ready to go. She thanked him for going out of his way to help her and offered to give him a tip. David politely refused and told her that this is what we do at AutoZone. She thanked him again and told him that we had a customer for life.

S. Central Texas Region

Storms hit the Houston area hard and customers' automotive needs had not slowed down. On Monday, a customer walked in the store drenched because of the rain. This customer had actually gone to O'Reilly's across the street to get his battery tested and possibly replaced. Once there, they refused to anything because of the heavy rain. Very upset and wet, this customer crossed the street in the rain to AutoZone 1454. Once in the store, the customer explained to Jesus that his SUV was stranded across the street with his family in it and the vehicle wouldn't start. Jesus quickly sold him a battery and grabbed some tools and went across the street to install the battery in the rain in the competitor's parking lot.

N. California Region

On Thursday, Dec. 01, at 9:45 a.m. a lady comes in and states that she just had neck surgery and can't look over her shoulder to check her blind spot. Josh shows the lady to our section of mirrors and helps her pick out two blind spot mirrors and also an extra wide rear view mirror. Josh rings the lady out at the register, the lady thought that it was it and Josh was done helping her. But Josh asked if she would let him help her put the blind spots mirror on and the extra- large rear view mirror. The lady said it would be wonderful. After Josh was done helping the lady, she comes back in and tells us that she is a customer for life and never thought an auto parts store would care so much about people.

Richmond Region

This is the note from the customer: Yesterday my 18 year old son left to visit his uncle in Charlotte, NC for Thanksgiving - an 8 hour drive. He called home stating an 18 wheeler lost tread from tire and it flew under the car damaging the rear bumper. One side completely detached and it was hanging on by the other side barely. Waiting for VDOT and state police for over an hour, now getting dark, they offered to rip it off the car and trash it....

My son tied shoelaces to keep the bumper from coming completely off. Driving slowly, so not to cause any more damage, my son drove off interstate 85 to an AutoZone store, store 3938 in South Hill Va. He was greeted by Daniel Tanner at the door. My son explained the situation and asked for some nylon rope. Daniel informed my son of push pins that AutoZone carries that may reattach the bumper. After purchasing the pins, Daniel then helped my son attach the bumper back to the car. Daniel took the time to listen to my son and fix the problem. I am so thankful for Daniel Tanner and AutoZone for offering a solution to my problem. I save a lot of money and received peace of mind as well. Thank you Daniel Tanner and AutoZone for such awesome customer service!!

Nashville Region

On Nov. 10, Mr. Green was traveling from Illinois to Alabama when he noticed his vehicle was "missing." He took exit 11 on I-24W Clarksville, TN looking for a place that can help him with the car and stopped at AutoZone 0586. He explained to Kristopher Clements part time sales that his car was missing and he was on his way to Alabama and really didn't know much about cars. Kris went outside to look under the hood of the Ford F150 and noticed that one of the spark plugs and coils were loose....

Kris took the spark plug out inspected for cracks, it was fine. He put it back in along with the coil and cleaned the batter terminals because they were corroded and had Mr. Green back on the road to Alabama. Mr. Green called me to let me know he couldn't believe what Kris did for him and that he won't even accept a tip. Mr. Green said that Kris's actions will make him a customer for life and he will never forget Kris, Clarksville, and AutoZone.

N. California Region

I had a fantastic customer service experience with an employee at your Redwood City store today (10/21, around 1 p.m. PST). I believe his name was David Armistead. He helped me pick out and install a new car battery, and had such a great attitude and sharp wit. It just really made my day, and I can tell he's the kind of guy that takes pride in his work....

Please let his manager know that his work is appreciated by customers! Best Ethan This comment was received after the "thank you" for his comment: Thanks Kathy - it's great to hear from you. I'll add that it wasn't just me that had a good experience. David courteously asked me to wait for a moment while he checked out another customer before helping me (I had requested that he come out to the parking lot to take a look at my car.) I said it was fine and stood by while he helped another customer or two...I know this is hearsay, but I assure you everyone else was equally well-cared for.

Milwaukee Region

Extra Miler Story - Letter from Customer: We recently took a vacation to Door County and experienced battery troubles. We called in to your Sturgeon Bay, WI, store and talked to Mary. It was Saturday night on July 30th. Mary was so helpful and put a battery aside for us to come by the following morning, Sunday the 31st to purchase and have installed. She said she would be working on Sunday and would help us when we came in. Our innkeepers at Ephraim Motel charged our battery overnight so we could make it to AutoZone....

It was extremely hot that weekend and we certainly did not want to be stalled on our way home (4 1/2 hours). We made it just fine to your Sturgeon Bay AutoZone the following morning. Mary was there to greet us! She was a delight to work with. She absolutely went above and beyond on making my husband and I confident and comfortable with our purchase. How lucky AutoZone is to employ such a kind, knowledgeable and helpful person.

Please take good care of this valuable employee and give her a bonus, raise, something to show you appreciation for making these customers very satisfied.

Thank you for your time.

Nashville Region

To whom it may concern, my wife and I are newly married and just moved to Tennessee. We are looking for work in our respective fields; she is a nurse, myself a police officer. Needless to say we are watching our money very closely during this period especially. My wife called the dealership after our van failed the Tennessee vehicle inspection due to a bad EGR sensor....

I had no clue what this was other than an emission related part. The dealership told my wife it would cost in the neighborhood of $300.00 to fix so she made an appointment to get the van in. I wanted to check the price on the part with your store first to get an idea of how much the part really cost and how much was labor. Well the main point of this letter is to say thank you to your employee Cary Hunt. Mr. Hunt not only helped us in our request but helped us way beyond that. I asked how hard was this part to get because I used to play around with my high school hot rod a '68 Chevelle, but that is a totally different animal than all these new cars. Mr. Hunt did not hesitate and asked if the van was in the lot so he could show me and advised me its not hard to get to at all. After seeing this and feeling it was something I could do myself Mr. Hunt was very helpful in telling me tips and even used a wire brush himself to remove some rust off of a couple of bolts. I got the part and a few tools and had the job done a couple hours later after returning home and it did in fact correct the problem. I was very impressed in Mr. Hunt he was very professional, nice and knowledgeable. I really want you as a store manager and company to know what a great employee you have in Mr. Hunt. Because we have been other places and this has not been near the case at these other stores. So due to my experience with Mr. Hunt and have you know I will do all my auto part business of any kind at AutoZone. Mr. Hunt helped us save a lot of money due to I feel him going the extra mile to help us.

Roseville, CA Region

Today I stopped into your store on Fairway in Roseville needing a headlight. I am a young, single woman and know nothing about cars. I've been putting this off for weeks. When I came in the store, it was less than 15 seconds before an employee named Jennifer approached me and asked if I needed help. She then looked up what I needed and came out to my car without complaint or annoyance even though it was a hot day. She installed the part and was terrific through the whole thing. I just think that good customer service should be acknowledged. So, thank you Jennifer.

Richmond, VA Region

Just wanted to give Rick a compliment. I originally went to your competitor, and they gave me the run around about installing a battery in my Hummer. They ended up saying they couldn't do it due to their computer system saying it was going to be an extensive install. I called AutoZone, and talk to Rick at store # 4921. He assured me, that he could do it without any charge or hassle. He was right. It took Rick about 10 minutes to replace my battery. His attitude and knowledge made me an AutoZone customer.

Dorchester, MA Region

To whom it will concern, I am writing today to pass along my gratitude to the staff of your Galvin Blvd location. I am so impressed with the level of customer service I received; I had to send an email. My line of work is hospitality management so I recognize great customer service, and so often these emails are to tell you how someone's life was ruined. Well, quite the opposite. Not only was my day made, AutoZone has earned a loyal customer. My alternator belt broke the other day; luckily I was driving by AutoZone.... Not only did I find what I needed quickly and effectively, the sales associate Lashawn, seeing I was novice at automobile repair, came out and assisted me. I commend you on such a great staff. I also plan on trying to go the do it yourself route from now on. (I saved over two hundred dollars by buying one hundred dollars' worth of parts and doing it myself.) So thanks to Lashawn, AutoZone is the only place I will be doing my shopping in the future. Thank you.

Fayetteville, North Carolina Region

Christina McCullum manager of the Murchison Road store went above and beyond what I expected of a store manager when I came in with a problem. My car's air conditioner didn't work. She stoppped what she was doing to help me. She resolved the problem and 2 weeks later, I am still riding in a cool car. She was very nice and smiled the whole time she was under my hood. I wrote a "Cheer" in the Fayetteville Observer newspaper (August 7,2011). I wanted the city to be aware of your kind of managers!! What impressed me most was that she was so knowledgeable and professional and. It was so nice to be treated like a person and not a customer.

Thanks, Carol

Wilmington, NC Region

I was in your store to have a battery tested on August 6, 2011. I spoke to Josh Thomas. He was very professional and tested my battery pointing out that it was indeed bad. I was prepared to purchase another when he pointed out that the one I had was still under warranty from Advanced Auto Parts. I ended up having it replaced with no charge. With that said, he could have guided me to purchase a battery upon the initial test and I would have been none the wiser. I greatly appreciated the integrity that Josh displayed with me by letting me know. Since this happened, and I have shared the story with at least 5 people, and my business will be taken to Auto Zone from this point forward. I really hope you will take the time to share my appreciation with Josh.

Sincerely, Richard

Stoneham, MA Region

I visited the Autozone store in Stoneham Mass - Sean was the service representative who helped me, and WOW! He was stupendous. I had had battery trouble all weekend and finally it died on me on Monday... at 7:30pm... when I was the last one leaving work.

It took me just under an hour to get someone to give me a jump, then another 20 minutes to get to the Autozone near my home. Arriving around 8:50 I burst into the store as poor Sean and Ed were preparing to close up and asked them to help me with... my battery woes. Without even batting an eye Sean agreed to help, even staying late ON HIS OWN TIME(!!!!) to make sure the job was done right when my car started giving him trouble. Sean was incredibly helpful, incredibly professional and I simply can not say enough good things about my AutoZone experience.

Tupelo, MS Region

I had to get a brake light for my car this afternoon...even though it was blazing hot outside your associate Jason Henry said come on out and let's take care of this. He had to remove many obstacles to get to the tail light but did it all with a big smile...This is what i love about AutoZone...

Please be sure to let Jason Henry know how much he is appreciated...thanks so much.

Marshfield, MA Region

I would like to compliment AutoZone store #3458 in Marshfield, MA. The employees are helpful and appear happy to be there, which I highly appreciate and value.

In particular I would like to bring your attention to George, an employee who goes above and beyond. Always helpful and cheerful, George will do everything he can think of to help, down to going out to my truck and personally screwing in the license plate holder. At night. In the pouring rain. Without asking. (He did this in the Autumn of 2010.) I always leave... that store with exactly what I need, nothing I don't, and a sense of gratitude. It's easy to order items online out of habit, but I wouldn't consider it for auto parts. I'd much rather drive to the Marshfield AutoZone.

Patterson, CA Region

I wanted to write in and thank The AutoZone in Patterson CA for hiring a great customer service representative.

I was driving home to Los Angeles from San Francisco and one of my headlights was out. I was in the middle of nowhere and the sun was going down. I found the AutoZone in Patterson and luckily they had the headlights I was looking for. After I purchased 2 headlights I asked to borrow some tools to make the repair in the parking lot. Normally I would have bought the parts and... gone home to fix it but I was in a rough situation far from home with no tools. That's when ESAI came over and gave me advice on how to switch out the headlights. When he saw me struggling he actually helped me out. I am so thankful for the assistance! He was very nice and willing to lend his assistance. I am so impressed with this level of customer service, you just don't get help like that anymore.

Lewisburg, TN Region

I was having car problems with my wife's car, so of course I went to Autozone.

I have been a loyal customer for a long time. After the manager Jackie Robertson help diagnose the problem or problems, he assisted me with the parts needed. As my battery was being charged at the store, I started with changing the altenator. I needed several tools and Mr. Robertson was there to help me with anything I needed. For those who don't know changing the altenator... on a 2004 Trailblazer, is a pain in the you know what. Jackie Robertson helped me for over an hour. That to me was over the top customer service. Several customers came in and out all calling him by name. Its no wonder so many people come to this location, it is run by someone who goes above and beyond for anyone who walks in the door. This gratitude did not go unnoticed and I will continue to return to Autozone for all my family's car needs.

Wallingford, CT Region

On 5/28/11 I went to your Wallingford store. I have never received such great service in all of my 30 years driving.

His name is Layne and he deserves to be awarded for his customer service. He came out to my car to see exactly what lights I needed and really surprised me when he came back out and put them in for me. I have never had anyone help me before, they usually just sell me what I ask for(whether it is correct or not) and that is it. Layne is truly a valued employee and I made sure I got his name before I left, because I was really impressed. I would appreciate an email back so that I know this kid is acknowledged for his service at your store.

Virginia Beach, VA Region

Today, May 24, 2011 was a turning point following series of not so good days.

I ordered a radiator from an auto part store thinking that is was the least expensive. The part was not available immediately, and I have to wait for a day. When my wife told me to try AutoZone, I was surprise to find out that the part is in stock and least expensive. I cancelled my order from the other store and purchased my radiator at AutoZone at Indian River Road. When I arrived home, I received a phone call from Alexander, and told me that I forgot my wallet in the store. I retrieved... my wallet, and was very impresses with the honesty and courtesy of your employees. This is the first time I purchased from AutoZone. Having this pleasant experience, I will be a regular customer from now on. Please forward my gratitude to your employees at this store# 4916. Espcially to Alexander. As we military people say "Bravo Zulu" for a job well done.

Wylie, TX Region

I dropped into the store in Wylie (On FM 544) to purchase a light bulb for a headlight. I am driving a transition car and really wasn't familiar with it.

Aaron Grossman came out to the car, with the intent of showing me a little about where the light bulb was to be replaced. He went ahead and replaced it for me. Now, what would have probably taken me 20 minutes (or more and some grumbing on my part), he did in 5 minutes! Please let his store and district managers know that this really showed me that this store is where I need to continue shopping. I know this was a little thing but to me, it just made my day! I so appreciate the good customer service we get there but this was, I think, above and beyond.

Edgewood, MD Region

On Thursday, May 12, I had flown from my home in Atlanta, Ga to Philadelphia, PA to help my daughter drive her car home after she completed her sophomore year at Lehigh University.

We dicovered that her front driver's side turn signal bulb had burned out and, more importantly, the fuse to her GPS plug-in had burned out, preventing us from using her Garmin to direct us home. When we stopped for lunch in Edgewood, MD, we asked whether there was an AutoZone in the area and was directed to the one on Pulaski Hwy. A gentleman named Alex (the manager, maybe?) was incredibly helpful, studying our car manual to see what light bulbs and fuses were... needed and then installing them for us. The ladies in the store, Tina and Melissa, did everything they could to help, too. Alex refused to accept any form of payment from me for installing the bulb and fuse. Having the Garmin was invaluable to us on our journey home. I will definitely use AutoZone and recommend it to my friends in the future! Many thanks to Alex and the ladies in Edgewood!

Rohnert Park, CA Region

I would like to thank Jose V. and the manager of the Rohnert Park store for helping me straighten out a warranty issue with a battery.

I was in Rohnert Park and my receipt was in Vallejo about an hour's drive away. I needed to return a defective battery. All I could provide was my bank statement with the transaction. Jose went the extra mile of calling the Vallejo store and getting a discrepancy with the warranty information corrected so I could get my battery replaced and back on the road. I apppreciated his willingness to go the extra mile for the customer.

Austin Region

I went to store 1368 right at closing time with a problem with the lights on my trailer. I knocked on the window to see if I could get some help. Kreig came to the door and asked what he could help me with. I explained that I was having an issue with my trailer. He came outside to see if he could do something to help. He crawled under the trailer and under my vehicle to check to make sure the wires were connected.

He then checked all the fuses and bulbs to make sure they were working also. I offered to just purchase a magnetic light that could be wired into the other lights just to get me home. Kreig and I tried but it didn't work either. After seeing this might be a larger problem than what we could fix at this moment, I told Kreig I would just drive home and see about fixing it later. He told me... that he wouldn't allow me to drive at night without working lights on the trailer. He explained that it was unsafe and he would stay until midnight if he needed to ensure the problem was fixed. After 45 minutes of working on the trailer lights, Kreig fixed the problem for me. I know AutoZoners cannot take tips so I offered to buy Kreig dinner since he stayed so late after his shift to help me. He refused and said let me just know that I actually helped someone today. I realize that I am a fellow AutoZoner so it may have been a little different to help me than just a regular customer, but after speaking to Juan (CSM, at 1408) he said that Kreig is just that type of guy. He would do this for anyone, not just another Zoner. I had my family with me so I really appreciate Kreig going above and beyond to help us out of what could have been an unsafe situation.

Charlotte Region

AutoZone Management Team, it is not commonplace to receive the high level of leadership that I received on April 29th, 2010, from Mr. Matt Adams. My visit to store 4865 was to get a new windshield wiper replaced. The Store associate was very helpful in making the right recommendation for the blade for my vehicle and proceeded to install the product.

AutoZone Management team, I mentioned to Matt that I was in a rush to get an oil change at the dealership and that is where his Leadership kicked in. "Sir", said Matt, you can change your oil quite easily yourself as your SUV sits high off the ground. Matt said, "Come on down here and take a look at this." "Sir, you have to unscrew that one plug, drain the oil, and... replace the blue filter." AutoZone, I tell you the truth, I could kick all of my uncles in the rear for not teaching me how my own oil; but at the age of 40 it took an awesome 17 or 18 year old to give me that lesson in the parking lot. Matt then walked me into the store, where I purchased my first oil pan, oil wrench, oil and filter. The final lesson came when I asked Matt what do I do with the old oil? Matt replied, "Just bring it back to us to dispose of it for you." AutoZone was a huge customer value add as it clearly informed me that you believe in the environment and pollution. Finally the total cost of my oil change, less first time supplies, was a whopping $17.00. Matt saved me $18.00 on my oil change. I have calculated what I normally spend on both of my SUVs at the dealership $36.00 x 8 visits = $288.00 (Changing my own oil $17.00 x 8 = $136.00). Difference of $152.00 going back to my family's bottom line.

Again, I just hope that your team recognizes Leadership! Matt Adams did a Yeoman's job of teaching an old dog a much needed new trick! The AutoZone store 4865 is definitely making a difference in client service and leadership.

San Antonio Region

I would like to communicate me and my family's experiences on 5/4/10 at your store #1565, located at 1920 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX. My name is Jon Blackburn and I serve as a pastor and hospital chaplain near Weatherford, TX. On the above date my wife and I, along with our five children and elderly father, were vacationing in San Antonio. On Tuesday night we began experiencing problems with our van and eventually broke down in the parking lot of your store. During this difficult time we found the AutoZone team to be a calming and caring blessing. We had prayed and asked God to please help us, and He answered us in the persons of the store manager, Robert Luna; his assistant manager, Daniel, and his associate Ismael. These men treated us with personal and professional care. ... They demonstrated in living form the meaning of sacrificial service and willingly went above and beyond the call of duty. In a day when Good Samaritans are few and far between, you have been blessed to have three located in a single store. Robert was humbly helpful and his staff reflects both his attitude and actions. Words cannot convey our gratitude for the duty and devotion demonstrated by Robert, Daniel, and Ismael. We give God praise for their labors and works.

They are worthy to be praised. How I wish I could reward them. I can only draw this to your attention and exhort you to recognize their worth and value to your company and your customers. I hope that my testimony will result in their receiving their proper recompense. Remember, the faithful worker is worthy of reward! God bless.