The best mechanic tool sets give you flexibility and variety to take on lots of projects, while having the quality and durability to last for a long time. Our large tool sets are designed to provide the tool selection you need while standing up to regular use. All Duralast Tools are Guaranteed for Life, meaning if you ever do have an issue, we’ll give you a new tool, no problem.

AutoZone carries tool sets from top national brands like Great Neck, DeWalt, SureBilt, and, of course, Duralast. These brands are used by at-home wrenchers and professional auto mechanics alike. If you’re looking for a professional quality auto mechanic tool set, especially one with a full set of mechanics’ tools, we’ve got some great options here.

When buying a tool set, make sure you know whether you’re getting metric or imperial measurements, and that the measurements match your needs. Many sets include both, especially larger tool sets and ratchet and socket sets, but some sets, like hex key or allen wrench sets, often only have one set of measurements. Check the product to make sure you have the right tools for your job.

Whether you’re looking a full mechanic tool set to do it all, or a specific set to help with a job on hand, AutoZone has selection and quality to get you what you need. Look for the Next Day Delivery symbol when checking out to get your tools fast.