They’re more than bright, they're brilliant.


Police Security® Seeker Rechargeable 150 Lumen Keychain Flashlight - Illuminate the keyhole when opening a door or light a quick path from your car to the door.
Police Security® 500 Lumen Pentacle Penlight - With multiple modes, it's a very versatile lightweight flashlight ideal for mechanics and DIYers.
Police Security® 180 Lumen Aura RS Rechargeable Penlight - The rechargeable, compact Aura-RS Penlight easily slides in and out of pocket to put 180 lumens of light to work where you need it.
Police Security® 800 Lumen Dover Rechargeable Flashlight - Count on it today. Rely on it tomorrow. The Dover Rechargeable Flashlight is optimal for automotive technicians and mechanics.
Police Security® 100 Lumen Cavalier Penlight - The Cavalier Penlight has a rubberized bite zone at the end of the light, so if you need both hands, you can quickly hold it between your teeth.
Police Security® 3300 Lumen Skylar Flashlight - The Skylar is nothing short of pure, all-out lighting power, perfect for DIY and automotive needs.
Police Security® R230 Rugged MORF Headlamp+Flashlight - Carry less. Do More. The MORF™ R230 Headlamp is the world's first headlamp with a removable flashlight and magnet light - and a base that stays lit.
Police Security® 395NM UV Penlight - Automotive leaks, machinery fluids, pet urine, blood - this handy penlight lets you see it all.
Police Security® 160 Lumen Aura Penlight Flashlight - Zero in on what you want to see, up close or at distance with the Aura's slide focus feature and a light up bezel.
Police Security® 350 Lumen Trac-Tact Flashlight - The Trac-Tact’s red LED for night vision and a 395nm UV for detecting fluids make it great for the outdoors and automotive technicians.
Police Security® 300 Lumen Sleuth 2.0 Flashlight - The Sleuth 2.0 is versatile and ideal for just about any situation or environment - mechanics or everyday carry.
Police Security® 1000 Lumen Lookout Headlamp - Designed for mechanics and hands-free activities, it's also designed for comfort and ease of use.


Everything Police Security makes is born of innovation. Patented, hands-free MORF™ Removables, provide you with a headlamp that’s also a removable flashlight and magnet light with a base that stays lit. They’re inventing ways to apply the latest LED technology so you can see what others can’t. Police Security is also leading the charge in creating more versatile, long-lasting rechargeable headlamps and flashlights. No matter where you’re looking for brighter, better light, MORF™ Removables and Police Security Flashlights are your most innovative and reliable choices.