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Why Prestone® antifreeze + coolant

Advanced Protection

Advanced Protection

Our advanced technology, backed by a Longer Engine Life Guarantee 10-year/300,000-mile formula, protects the cooling system from buildup and corrosion, providing maximum value for your vehicle.

Protect Your Family

Protect Your Family

The inconvenience of a vehicle breaking down is bad enough, even worse if your kids are in the car. Prestone® Antifreeze+Coolant protects you from these experiences by preventing engine part failure.

Protect your investment

Protect Your Investment

Our innovative technology prevents rust and corrosion, keeping your car running optimally and helping you avoid costly engine repairs down the road.

prestone antifreeze + coolant products

Prestone® All Vehicles Ready to use - Formulated for use in all vehicles.
Prestone® All Vehicles Concentrate - Formulated for use in all vehicles, must add water.
Prestone® DexCool™ Ready to use - Formulated for use in all vehicles.
Prestone® DexCool™ Concentrate - Formulated for use in all vehicles, must add water.

Extreme protection - Temperature & parts failure. Prevent overheated cooling system build-up & corrosion, Protects from freezing and boiling over. | Prestone® coolant protects 17 essential parts of the engine - keeps the cooling system protected. | Avoid costly repairs with better coolant - prevent corrosion & engine wear. Industry leading formula.

AntiFreeze Coolant videos

How to perform flush & fill

There are many ways to complete a flush and fill of your antifreeze/coolant. See which Prestone® products will help you complete your car's flush and fill today! These easy to follow instructions from Prestone® will help keep your car's cooling system happy and healthy.

Instantly protects against rust & corrosion

Prestone’s patented formula prevents corrosion, helping a vehicle’s cooling system run more efficiently and last longer. Cor-Guard starts working immediately to elevate engine performance and help you avoid costly repairs. Prestone Cor-Guard is the most technologically advanced antifreeze on the market.

Antifreeze 101

Step inside the Prestone Lab with our lead engineer and learn: What is the significance of the color of antifreeze? Why do OEM’s change the color of antifreeze? What makes anti-freeze compatible with all makes and models or "Which antifreeze is right for me”? (Hint: The answer is Prestone®)