Visibility is Everything - Halogen headlight bulbs dim up to 20-30% over time. When was the last time you changed yours?

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Compare the difference between the SYLVANIA BASIC vs. SilverStar zXe Gold in 4 different POVs.


SYLVANIA has you and your family’s safety in mind. If you could protect the ones you love with whiter, brighter SYLVANIA bulbs, wouldn’t you?


With any high performance product there are trade offs. A brighter bulb results in a shorter overall life. Watch why here!

Always replace headlights in pairs. Your headlight bulbs are the same age. When one burns out, the other isn’t far behind.

For Safety. For Style. For Adventure.

Sylvania Silverstar® Ultra - SYLVANIA’s farthest downroad headlight gives you the most side road clarity and downroad punch, helping to improve your evening driving experience.
SYLVANIA’s SilverStar zXe® Gold headlights, fueled by a proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology, will have your headlights displaying crisp, white, DOT compliant brightness.
Sylvania® LED Fog Plug & Play Replacement Bulbs. Driving a lot in the early morning or late at night? See even farther down the road with SYLVANIA LED Fog replacement bulbs. Engineered for durability, amazing performance and great visibility.

Choose the Product That’s Right for You

Update your vehicle’s look with SYLVANIA® LED Fog lights. Deliver a 6000K brighter, whiter, and sharper light that can improve the style and performance of your vehicle.
Complete the look of your vehicle with SYLVANIA’s crisp, white, xenon charged replacement halogen headlights, SilverStar zXe® Gold.
Sylvania Silverstar zXe® - Xenon fuelled halogen headlights designed to give your vehicle the look, feel, and attitude of HID headlights.
Sylvania Silverstar® Ultra - SYLVANIA’s premium replacement headlight, allowing you the brightest downroad visibility, more clarity, and
SYLVANIA’s SilverStar® halogen headlights create a whiter light with more downroad.
SYLVANIA’s XtraVision® halogen headlights offer more downroad visibility by using a brighter light with no added glare.
SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe® Basic HID headlights are where style meets performance. Legal for on road use.
SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe® Fog lights offer optimal light and color, giving your vehicle the look of HID. 100% street legal.
Upgrade your old, worn out headlight bulbs with whiter, brighter bulbs. Sylvania® - The leader in automotive lighting.