$31.99 Valvoline Daily Protection or MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil & an STP Oil Filter

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$36.99 Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic or Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil & an STP Extended Life Oil Filter

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$39.99 Valvoline Extended Protection Full Synthetic Motor Oil & an STP Extended Life Oil Filter

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The Original Motor Oil

America’s First Motor Oil Brand

The Original Better Than Ever

Maximize Engine Life with 40% Better Wear Protection Than Industry Standards*

*As tested in the industry sequence X chain wear test

Maximize Engine Life

How Valvoline high mileage motor oil helps prevent wear and tear in your engine


Full Synthetic High Mileage - Ultimate protection after 75,000 miles
High Mileage with MaxLife Technology - Maximize the life of your engine
Advanced Full Synthetic - 50% more wear protection than industry standards
Daily Protection - Exceeds industry standards
Heavy Duty - The only engine oil recommended by Cummins™
Racing - With Pro-V racing technology
Motorcycle - Achieve peak performance from your machine
Other - Get the most out of your engine with our ATV, small engine, and additional motor oils. 


Zerex Antifreeze - Most automaker approvals
Automatic Transmission Fluid - Protect and prolong the life of your vehicle
Gear Oil - Formulated for ultimate protection and performance
Grease - Multi-purpose protection against extreme environments for automotive and industrial applications


Valvoline has been innovating and breaking ground in motor oil by utilizing technology to create the finest quality motor oils and lubricants. In 1866, Dr. John Ellis developed a petroleum-based lubricant for steam engines, and ever since, the company he started has worked to repeatedly innovate and bring only the highest quality motor oils, lubricants and cleaners to market. It’s because of this legacy and dedication to innovation that people have trusted Valvoline products in their vehicles, from the Model T to today’s newest models. From our flagship motor oils to antifreeze and gear oil, Valvoline offers a full range of engine lubricants and cleaners to help keep your vehicle on the road and running at peak performance.


Bottle Features: #1 Easy Pull Tab. Pull it and pour it with an easy pull-ring and foil tab that make for a cleaner, easier open. #2 Precision pour spout. The redesigned spout delivers a precise pour with a clean cut off. #3 Anti-Glug Tube. This is a no glug jug thanks to the Anti-Glug Tube that allows air to flow back into the bottle. #4 Reasonable Overcap with No slip grip. The large, resealable over-cap offers more grip and no slip - over and over again. #5 Centralized Handle. A perfectly placed, centralized handle seamlessly aligns with the bottle’s center of gravity.