VersaChem® Exhaust Repair - Professional-grade exhaust repair solutions

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Tiger Patch® Exhaust Pipe Repair Kit - Complete repair kit heat seals out exhaust leaks around cracks and holes to form a strong temporary repair.
Muffler Cast® Heavy Duty Tail Pipe Repair Kit - Permeant repair kit with a special infused material and an all-steel exhaust clamp provides an additional strong long-lasting seal.
Tiger Patch® Muffler/Tailpipe Quick Patch - Heat seal wrap-around tape (2"W x 36"L) that forms a strong temporary repair for mufflers and tailpipes.
Tiger Patch® Muffler/Tailpipe quick patch - Heat seal wrap-around tape (3"W x 44"L) that forms a strong temporary repair for mufflers and tailpipes.
Muffler Weld® Exhaust System Repair - Black sodium silicate-based sealer that sets like a weld with remarkable adhesion to clean or rusted surfaces.
Heavy Duty Exhaust Tail Pipe Repair Kit - Steel clamp with high temperature ceramic gasket seals and supports leaking exhaust and tailpipes.
Exhaust Seal Joint & Crack Sealer - Seals holes or cracks and stops leaks in mufflers, tailpipes and around joints.
Inferno Seal® Metal Repair - Thermally stable adhesive welds cracks and holes in metal surfaces.
Exhaust Wrap Metallic Adhesive Wrap - Aluminum wrap with an adhesive coating stops exhaust noise and seals out dangerous fumes.
Versachem® offers a wide range of professional grade solutions for all exhaust repair needs, from all-in-one repair kits to wraps, putties, and hardware. Get it right the first time with VersaChem®