Air Filter Cleaner and Air Filter Oil

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1-24 of 27 Results


      Air Filter Cleaner and Air Filter Oil

      Maintain a Performance Air Filter

      Maintain peak engine performance by regularly cleaning and oiling an aftermarket air filter. Leading performance parts brands such as aFe, Airraid, K&N and Spectre sell specialized air filter cleaners and oils. Decreased mileage and weakened engine performance are two indications that it is time for you to remove, clean, oil and reinstall an air filter. Cleaners release dirt and debris that have become trapped in a filter, while oil makes it possible to catch more contaminants. You can find the lowest prices on air filter cleaners and oils at AutoZone.

      Maximize Vehicle Performance

      It is necessary to clean an air filter that fits in a factory air box more frequently than a filter that is connected to a performance intake system. Aftermarket air box filters should be cleaned every 50,000 miles, while filters connected to specialized intakes can be cleaned every 100,000 miles. The frequency of cleaning and oiling depend on the conditions in which you drive. If you go off-road or drive in dusty conditions, you may need to clean an air filter more often.

      Sustain high engine performance by cleaning a performance air filter as soon as debris begins to build up or inhibit air flow. Remove the filter and apply cleaner to both sides. Allow the cleaning solution to remain on the filter material for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. An air filter should dry naturally and must be completely dry prior to the application of air filter oil. Apply oil directly to the filter material and allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes before reinstalling the filter. Many air filter oils contain dye to make it easier to see which portions of a filter have been oiled and which parts require more oil. A uniform color indicates that a filter is sufficiently oiled.

      Which Air Filter Oil To Use

      A filter manufacturer may recommend the use of oil packaged in aerosol, standard spray or squeeze containers. Oils can be purchased along with cleaner in a kit or separately. Some oils are not eligible for home shipping and must be picked up in store. See what is currently in stock at the nearest AutoZone location by looking for air filter oils near me. It is a good idea to purchase the air filter oil that is formulated to work with the aftermarket air filter in your car or truck.

      Save On Maintenance Supplies

      You can choose from the best air filter cleaners for cars and trucks when you shop online or in store. You may want to purchase the cleaner and oil that are designed for use with an air filter brand or design. Stock up on filter cleaner or oil or purchase both formulas together in a kit.