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Delphi Fuel Tank Cleaning Wand

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Part # FFC02
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When replacing a fuel pump or module, it’s extremely important to clean the tank. Existing dirt, debris, and contamination stuck in the fuel tank can clog the brand-new strainer. Delphi Technologies’ Fuel Tank Cleaning Kit (FC01) and Tool (FC02) can help clean your fuel tank in less than five minutes. The FC01 includes a low-suds solution, cloth, and gloves that works together with the FC02 to help clean those hard to reach places without having to remove the fuel tank. Visit our Resource Center for helpful tips and tricks on fuel pumps, technologies, and more: https://www.delphiautoparts.com/usa/en-US/resource-center.
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    Helps avoid premature fuel pump failure
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    Removes harmful contaminants from the fuel tank
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    Magnets in wand head attract magnetic debris
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    Microfiber pads included