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1-15 of 15 Results


      Hand Cleaner

      Get sticky adhesives, grease, oil, and paint off your hands quickly with powerful mechanic's soap from AutoZone. We have the best prices on heavy duty products like WD-40 Lava, Permatex Fast Orange, and GOJO hand cleaner so you can scrub your hands clean after long days under the hood.

      DIY auto repair can be a lot of fun. Accidentally smearing motor oil all over your home and garage' well, that's less fun. That's why AutoZone sells hand cleaner designed with a non-drying formula that removes oil, grease, paint, and adhesives fast while leaving your skin feeling healthy. Our biodegradable, waterless, petroleum solvent-free hand cleaners use unique blends of cleaners and skin conditioners with no mineral oils or ammonia cleaner that can sting cuts and abrasions. Our cleaners use pumice as a topical exfoliant for removing grease and other chemicals that stick on every grease monkey's hands.

      AutoZone sells pumice hand cleaners with no harsh chemicals, mineral oils, or petroleum solvents to remove grease and grime faster than traditional soaps. This is because both the pumice and soap particles work to clean the toughest dirt from your hands.

      Most soaps use the same chemistry to clean. Many molecules are either hydrophilic or hydrophobic. Hydrophilic molecules readily mix with water while repelling oil molecules. Hydrophobic molecules are attracted to and mix with oil but repel water molecules. Soap molecules can mix with water and oil because the soap molecule has two ends: the hydrophilic end (polar head), which mixes with water and most food particles; and the hydrophobic end (non-polar hydrocarbon tail), which mixes with grease and oil. In action, soap molecules form microscopic clusters called micelles that encircle oil particles before being washed away by the water, taking the oil with them.

      Pumice is a porous, igneous rock. Formed during volcanic eruptions, pumice is used to make cinder blocks, cement, and other tough materials, but it can be ground finely for use in soaps. The fine grinds add an abrasive texture to the soap which can exfoliate skin to help remove grease and oil particles, making the micelles' job easier. Pumice also lets soap makers ditch harsh chemicals, petroleum solvents, and mineral oils to make hand cleaner that's easier on your hands and the environment.

      Buy fast acting hand cleaner at AutoZone.com for same day in-store pick up or ask an AutoZoner at your local store which cleaner is right for you.