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1-24 of 204 Results


      Electrical Wire Connector

      Maintain Connection With Electrical Wire Connectors

      The best electrical wire connectors for cars and trucks protect the electrical circuit and keep the electrical system running smoothly. When purchasing a wire connector for your vehicle, there are several important pieces of information needed to make the right purchase. Wire connectors come in different ratings based on density of current, wire sizes, circuit price, circuit size and configuration, connection size and operating voltage. The right connector allows the electrical component to function like it should. The wrong connector could cause a short or worse disable an electrical component until fixed. With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one. That's where AutoZone professionals come in. We use our expertise to help you keep your vehicle running at top shape.

      Components of a Wiring Harness

      A wiring harness works throughout the vehicle to send electrical power and information to various components. The wiring harness typically consists of connectors, wires and terminals. The type of electrical wire connectors near me has an impact on the electrical performance of your vehicle and the wiring harness itself. Without the ability to send information or power to critical areas, a failed wiring harness is a safety hazard. Not only do you need the right wire connectors, the wires themselves need to be properly connected prior to insertion into the wire connector. The wires should be stripped less than an inch of the ends. For general wire connectors, place the base of the exposed wires together making an X shape then twist the exposed ends together. To increase the connection, bend the twisted wires in half to create a U shape. Then insert the exposed portion into the wire connector or tightly wrap with electrical insulation tape.

      Various Types of Wire Connectors

      A vehicle uses different types of wire connectors to connect various wires and cables. Crimp style connectors allows you to insert a piece of exposed wire into the connector then crimp down to seal the connection. Electrical wire connectors may be insulated or not depending on their purpose. Newer models have more and more electrical components requiring an increasing number of wire connectors. The increasing reliance on computer parts increases the need for a properly functioning electrical current throughout the vehicle. The radio, navigation system, windshield wiper blades, hazard lights, blinkers, air conditioning system and seats may all have electrical components that need wire connectors. Whether you need to replace connectors or protect existing wiring, the lowest prices on electrical wire connectors are at AutoZone. Our knowledgeable staff helps you find the right part for your electrical needs. If you're unsure of how to properly install the electrical wire connector, ask a staff member for tips on the proper crimping, twisting or splicing needed. We are there to help you save money and get the information you need.