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1-5 of 5 Results


      Duralast Marine Battery

      Equip your vehicle to use more accessories and to provide extended power even when not running by investing in a Duralast Marine battery. Marine batteries are different than standard car batteries and can deliver more long-term power than a standard car battery can. This is why they're worth exploring if you plan on having many accessories in your vehicle, or if you have a boat, of course.

      A Duralast Marine battery is equipped with thicker plates than a standard automotive battery and features a specialized grid design that allows a larger steady current to flow. If you want replacement parts or maintenance fluids, filters, or components, you can get them with Same-Day In-Store Pickup Pickup when you need them immediately. It's also possible to get Free Next-Day Delivery to your house on many items.

      The Right Batteries for Your Recreational Vehicles

      Looking to get a head start on maintaining your boat, golf cart and other recreational vehicles? AutoZone stocks the best in marine batteries to ensure that your recreational vehicles turn on and stay on and are able to run all your essential equipment throughout the day. These might not be the best marine batteries for cars and trucks, but they're optimal for boats and other vehicles that require both a starting charge and a deep discharge.

      What's the Difference Between a Marine Battery and a Car Battery?

      Anyone who is familiar with the workings of a boat or recreational vehicle has reason to know the difference between a standard car battery and a marine battery. A car battery is specifically designed to provide a starting charge to help the engine turn over. Once the car is started, the battery doesn't do much, as the electrical power from the engine is sufficient to power most of the vehicle's onboard accessories. Marine batteries, on the other hand, are designed to be dual purpose. They are able to deliver a high initial charge to help start the boat's engine, but they also provide a lower, consistent current. This power option is used to keep onboard accessories operable consistently for long periods of time. Items such as fridges, TV sets, computer devices and other long-running appliances need a consistent, lower level of power that a car batter simply cannot provide without doing damage to either the battery or the appliance. Marie batteries are also perfect for solar power systems, since a marine battery can be recharged by the system during the day and can slowly discharge that power when the sun isn't shining. Take some time to examine the extensive stock of marine batteries available at AutoZone to ensure you're getting the right one for your needs, and trust that you'll still be getting the lowest prices on marine batteries.

      Find Everything You Need for Your Vehicle Repair Needs

      AutoZone takes pride in being able to stock an essential supply of some of the best equipment for all your vehicle needs. From batteries and engines to accessories and tools, AutoZone has great prices for a great value on quality products. If you search, “best marine batteries near me,” AutoZone is likely to pop up at the top of the search list, because your search engine knows that AutoZone stocks the best. Browse the detailed descriptions and helpful reviews available online to get a good idea of exactly what each product is designed to do. A few clicks can have the parts and equipment delivered right to your door. If you're not down to wait for delivery, a quick trip to your local AutoZone showroom gives you the chance to peruse the extensive stock rooms and talk with a helpful parts specialist, so you can get on your way with the right part right away.