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Duralast AGM 31M-AGM Group Size 31 Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Marine and RV Battery 875 CCA 1030 MCA

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Part # 31M-AGM
SKU # 1006725
Price Not Available
Part #
Battery Technology
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
Marine Cranking Amperage
Negative Terminal Location
Top Right Center
Reserve Capacity
Reserve Capacity Minutes at 25 Amp Load
Terminal Type
Type M
More powerful fish finders, trolling motors, high-tech GPS and navigation systems. Boats and RV’s are loaded with electronics, entertainment systems and accessories. Our AGM Marine batteries are ideal for today’s power hungry boats and RVs. They are precision engineered to last up to two times longer than standard flooded batteries while powering all of your electrical needs.
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    Superior electrical performance to handle short bursts of high currents for quick starting and deep cycle power for all your marine and RV electronics
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    Certified NON-SPILLABLE design provides the safest solution and can be mounted in virtually any position
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    Patented stamped grid technology for both positive and negative grids minimize corrosion for longer battery life
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    Designed for repetitive cycling, ability to recharge quickly after powering trolling motors and other accessories
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    Maintenance free, no need to add water or electrolyte to maintain performance
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    Quick recharging, vibration resistant and extended cycle life