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LUBER-FINER Spin-on Fuel Filter

Part # LFF8061
SKU # 83829
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Part #LFF8061
SKU #83829
Micron Rating10
Housing ColorBlack or Silver
We offer a full range of reliable fuel filters that provide the highest level of fuel cleansing efficiency and capacity by trapping harmful contaminants such as dirt, water, scale, and rust before they reach your vehicle’s fueling system. Today’s heavy-duty engines demand high performance with protection for vital engine and fuel system components. Luber-Finer offers the highest quality fuel filter components ensuring OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) replacement for form, fit, and function. Luber-Finer fuel filters are the best insurance for the life of your engine.
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    All-metal housing to withstand higher pulse fatigue and provide higher burst strength
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    More efficient filtration features durable, leak-proof construction to reduce the risk of failure due to cracks and breakage
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    Easier installation reduces downtime and the mess associated with changing plastic bowl fuel filters
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    High performance media for more dirt-holding capacity and 99% filtering efficiency