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1-24 of 66 Results


      Power Sport Battery

      Get the best batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, and power sport vehicles at AutoZone. We carry AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and conventional batteries from reliable brands like Duralast, GS, Motocross, and Odyssey. Get the power your vehicle needs fast with free next day delivery or pick up your battery at an AutoZone near you today.

      Get more out of your bike or power sport vehicle with a high-quality motorcycle or ATV battery. We have a wide array of heavy duty AGM and conventional dry or activated batteries for sale. No matter your ride, we have the best 12v battery for you.

      The starting battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The three essential parts for this conversion are the cathode, the anode, and the electrolyte. The cathode is the positive side, the anode is the negative side, and the electrolyte acts as a buffer which separates the cathode from the anode.

      Chemical reactions cause electrons to build up in the anode. Kind of like the negative side of a magnet, the electrons repel one another. This is why the electrolyte is important. Without it, the electrons would merely flow through the battery from the anode to the cathode. Because the electrolyte prevents this, electrons must flow out of the anode and through your motorcycle's electrical system, traveling through a circuit to the cathode and providing current (the flow of electricity) to your bike. The cathodes and anodes are negative and positive charged lead plates. These plates are contained in cells. A 12v motorcycle battery has six cells.

      Conventional and AGM batteries both use lead acid, but that's about where the similarities end. Conventional batteries can be distinguished by a row of plastic stoppers on the top. The electrolyte is in a liquid acid, which floods the cells. This means you may need to occasionally add distilled water, as the acid loses water over time unless you have a sealed lead acid battery. An AGM battery works through a similar process, but AGM technology allows the electrolyte solution to be contained in a glass mat. The lack of a liquid electrolyte makes them spill proof, and gives them better resistance to vibration by preventing the electrolyte from sloshing around inside of the cells.

      Some call AGM maintenance free because they don't need to be topped off with distilled water, but they may still need to be recharged from time to time. Letting a bike sit around unused is the most common cause of a dead motorcycle battery. This is because motorcycle batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged when driving, and minimal riding can cause electrical charge (measured in amp hours) to deplete at a discharge rate that exceeds the charging that occurs when the bike is running. So, hit the road and keep your battery juiced!

      Cruising off into the sunset on your bike is cinematic. Turning the keys on your motorcycle just to hear a click? That's anticlimactic. Don't get stranded. Juice up your bike with a new motorcycle battery from AutoZone.

      We have everything you need to ride off into the sunset reliably. Whether you need a 6v or 12v motorcycle or 4-wheeler battery, we've got you covered. We offer free next day delivery on select batteries, but any of them can be picked up today at your local AutoZone.

      If you need help finding the right battery for your bike or power sport vehicle, ask an AutoZoner. We know our parts and products, and we'll make sure you have what it takes to do the job right today.