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Lucas Oil Products High Mileage Oil Stabilizer

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Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product - developed in the laboratory and tested in the field for maximum reliability. The product is a specially blended formulation of premium base oils and petroleum extractive for use in a wide range of engine and gear box applications. Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer is meant to be used as an additive to existing engine or transmission oils.
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    This product is for use in all engine-driven vehicles, and highly recommended for recreational vehicles, farm equipment, industrial equipment as well as construction and military vehicles and equipment.
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    Eliminates dry starts, the #1 cause of wear in new engines
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    Reduces friction and heat to allow optimum mechanical efficiency
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    Creates a coating that clings to metallic surfaces, eliminating dry starts that create the most damage and wear in an older engine