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Marvel Mystery Engine Cleaner 32oz

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When added to engine oil, Marvel reduces and prevents valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge. Marvel fortifies the properties of motor oil, both traditional and synthetic. Marvel prevents oil breakdown caused by extreme temperatures. In addition, Marvel promotes easier cold weather starting with its extremely low pour point of (-65) Fahrenheit and ability to eliminate oils tendency to congeal at low temperatures. Sludge build-up in newer and older engines can result in lower performance and life expectancy. Marvel will prevent sludge build-up from occurring in new engines and removes sludge from older engines. In newer engines, Marvel protects against scoring or seizing and creates a highly polished, wear resistant finish on engine surfaces. Your new engine will remain clean and your older engine will thank you for cleaning the insides.
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    Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors
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    Helps improve fuel economy
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    Improves valve performance
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    Low pour point keeps oil from congealing for easier winter starts