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Get an exact fit for your Ford F250 Super Duty

1-24 of 139 Results

1-24 of 139 Results


      Ford F250 Super Duty Engine Oil

      Whether you're using your Ford F250 Super Duty for towing heavy items, offroading, or simply driving around town, you must always equip it with clean oil. The motor oil acts as a lubricant in your Ford F250 Super Duty's engine, which limits the wear and tear while keeping the engine temperature down. With time, oil begins to deteriorate and doesn't do the job as well. For that reason, you should make oil changes a part of routine maintenance, and you can find everything you need for that at AutoZone.

      Replacing Your Motor Oil

      Replacing the motor oil in your Ford F250 Super Duty is quick and easy. You'll need to get underneath the car, so lift the front if you're unable to slide under your truck as is. Unscrew the oil drain plug, and empty the oil into a catch pan. Screw the plug back in, then replace the old oil filter with a new one. If you had to lift the car, lower it at this point, then add fresh oil until it reaches the fill line on the dipstick.

      Best Engine Oil For Ford F250 Super Duty

      Choosing the best engine oil for a Ford F250 Super Duty is as simple as consulting the owner's manual or the oil cap, or using the year, make, model, and engine size filters above to determine the oil type. While you can use conventional oil on most Ford F250 Super Duty trucks, you'll get better engine protection with synthetic.

      At AutoZone, you'll find motor oil and filters from the top brands, with the quick convenience of Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup. Free Next-Day Delivery is also available on eligible orders.