Pontiac Bonneville Engine Oil

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1-24 of 93 Results

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Pontiac Bonneville Engine Oil

It's crucial to maintain your Pontiac Bonneville's performance by getting regular oil changes. Use a premium brand of Pontiac Bonneville engine oil from AutoZone for each oil change and you'll experience an immediate transformation in your vehicle's engine performance and health.

Keep your Bonneville's engine properly lubricated with regular oil changes. Lubrication keeps all of your engine's parts moving and working smoothly with each other to power your vehicle. Procrastinate too long on your oil changes and your engine's performance deteriorates until it dries out and locks up from a lack of lubrication. Don't forget to perform an engine oil flush for Pontiac Bonneville at least once in your vehicle's lifetime and keep up with those oil changes to keep your engine clean, lubricated and in good operating condition. AutoZone provides the right products at the right prices, so you're sure to find everything you need at your local store. Shop our extensive selection today and benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing at the same time.



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By far the Best Oil for my Older Model Vehicles


23 days ago

Durable for 3-4 months per change cycle runs Clean with no loss in viscosity!!

What kind of vehicle do you drive? Toyota 4Runner/Pontiac Bonneville

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Always available


5 months ago

This is my go to oil for my car, I have a Pontiac Bonneville. I dont have trouble with it and my car has lasted.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1998 pontiac Bonneville

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2008 GMC Sierra 4x4 pickup


1 year ago

Have been using the Castrol High Mileage oil for awhile now. I use it in my truck and my wife's car. Both vehicles have over 180,000 miles. I have not had any engine problems using this oil. I drive a lot of miles and I drive my truck hard, so I would recommend this oil to anyone that has a high mileage engine.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2008 GMC Sierra 4x4 pickup & 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI