Toyota Highlander Engine Oil

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1-24 of 172 Results

    1-24 of 172 Results

    About Toyota Highlander Engine Oil

    To keep your SUV's engine running dependably, it has oil in the crankcase that coats all the moving parts, protects the metal components from corrosion, reduces friction, and washes away deposits. Engine oil won't last forever, and it breaks down overtime and with use. You'll need to change the oil frequently, and when you need new engine oil for Toyota Highlander models, AutoZone is your best choice.

    How to Replace Your Motor Oil

    Anyone can change their engine oil at home in about half an hour, and all it takes is a few tools. Begin by securing the front wheels off the ground so there's room to work under the oil pad. Then, remove the drain plug from the oil pan and let the old oil drain into a bucket. When it's done dripping, tighten the drain plug and change the filter, then add new, clean oil to the crankcase using the correct typing viscosity for your Highlander.

    Best Engine Oil For Toyota Highlander

    Not just any oil will suffice. Damage can result from using an incorrect viscosity or an oil composition that doesn't meet the standards your engine needs. To find the right oil, enter your year, make, model, and engine size above or check your owners manual for the right spec. The Highlander typically needs conventional engine oil, and AutoZone carries options from brands like Castrol, Pennzoil, and Mobil 1.

    At AutoZone, you'll find all the parts you need for your Toyota Highlander including engine oil, cabin air filters, wheel bearings, brakes, and more. For your shopping convenience, have your order sent to your door or choose Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup when available.