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When I enroll, why do I need to provide you with my email address and phone number?

Member communication is at the foundation of the program and an important part of member identity verification. Providing us with an accurate email address and phone number is critical to keeping you in the AutoZone Rewards program loop and providing you with exclusive member discounts. In addition, should you need assistance from customer service, it provides us with another way to locate your account information in-store or when speaking with our customer service representatives.

Do you sell, rent, or license my personal information with anyone, including my transaction history?

AutoZone does not sell, license or rent any personal information with third parties. Your information is used solely for administering the benefits of the AutoZone Rewards program.

How can I change my address/email address?

You can change your e-mail/mailing address and other member information by:

  • Updating your profile on under My Profile
  • Visiting your local AutoZone store and having a store associate update your information
  • Contacting customer service at 1-800-741-9179
  • Writing to AutoZone Rewards Center, P.O. Box 664, Memphis, TN 38101

What if I forgot my password or need to change my password?

If you cannot login, click on Forgot Your Password under the Member ID or email address at Enter your email address associated with your account, click send, and a reset password link will be sent to the email address.

How do I earn credit?

Get one "Credit" for any in-store, online, or buy online, pick up in store ("BOPUS") transaction of $20 dollars or more, excluding federal, state, and local taxes, product discount, employee discount, shipping charges, commercial account purchases, charitable donations, core deposits, Loan-a-Tool® deposits, loaner battery deposits, environmental fees, returns, refunds, purchases of gift cards, and items purchased with a gift card, merchandise credit and/or any Rewards or other awards ("Qualifying Purchase")

What is AutoZone Rewards?

AutoZone Rewards is a free program giving you recurring rewards dollars for your purchases. Members have access to all AutoZone free services and more including access your purchase history, warranty lookup, personalized coupons, and exclusive member deals.

How do I receive my Rewards?

A $20 reward will be issued to your AutoZone Rewards card after earning 5 credits. Register your account on for account balance and details.

When do my Rewards expire? Do my Credits ever expire?

Credits expire 1 year (365 days) from the date the Credit was issued. Rewards expire 3 months (90 days) from the date the Reward was issued. AutoZone Rewards members enrolled in the State of Maine are an exception to the expiration rules. Please see the full program Terms and Conditions for more detail.

What are the rules of the program?

Rules can be found in the program Terms & Conditions, or you can contact customer service at 1-800-741-9179.

How do I earn Rewards?

Member benefits are all tied to your AutoZone Rewards account. In order to earn a Credit for a Qualifying Purchase, you must provide the AutoZone store associate with either your phone number, member ID, physical card or digital card associated with your account during the checkout process. Note: You can also retrieve your digital card by logging into your AutoZone Rewards account on or on the AutoZone mobile app.

How do I redeem my AutoZone Rewards?

Member may redeem Rewards at AutoZone retail stores by identifying the associated account during a transaction. The associated account can be identified by the 16 digit member ID, scanning a digital card, using the information on the member profile, or scanning a physical card (physical card no longer distributed after fall 2019).

If I forget my AutoZone Rewards card, can I still earn Rewards?

Yes you can still earn Rewards if you forgot to add your AutoZone Rewards account to your transaction. You will need to log-in to or call customer service 1-800-741-9179 to adjust your account with the transaction information printed on your receipt. Select "Add A Receipt." and follow the instructions. Note: limitations apply, see terms and conditions for more detail.

What happens if my AutoZone Rewards card or account information is lost or stolen?

If you believe your Rewards card or account information has been lost or stolen, please contact the AutoZone Rewards Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-741-9179 as soon as possible. This is very important to prevent someone else from using your Rewards. Note: AutoZone is not responsible for redeemed Rewards.

Can anyone in my family use my Rewards account?

No your family may not use your Rewards account. In order to protect your earned Credits and or Rewards, use is limited to the member associated with the account. However, multiple accounts (i.e., unique memberships) can be activated within a family but earned Credits and or Rewards cannot be combined. Each membership should be treated accordingly.

How do I know what is going on within the program or get access to the most up-to-date information?

AutoZone Rewards was established with our loyal customers in mind. Therefore, we have a number of different ways in which to communicate program information to you

  • Register your account on to see information specific to your account.
  • Your membership status and balance will be on your sales receipt each time you use AutoZone Rewards during a purchase
  • Store associates are available to answer questions on the program and can provide your status and balance in store at the parts counter.
  • You can also contact customer service at 1-800-741-9179 with any additional questions or concerns.
  • Because you provided us with your mailing and/or email address, you will receive periodic mailings and/or emails providing valuable information about the program and benefits.
I've made a purchase at, can I earn a Credit for this purchase?

Yes, if you are logged in and/or provide your AutoZone Rewards ID at checkout, you can receive one Credit for every Qualifying Purchase on our AutoZone website. Please note that the Credit will be applied to your account within 48 hours once the last item on the Qualifying Purchase of $20 or more has shipped.

Am I able to exit the program at any time?

Yes, if you decide to end your membership in the program, please contact us in writing with your request and mail to AutoZone Rewards Service, P.O. Box 664, Memphis, TN 38101 or send a request via email to Additionally, you can contact customer service at 1-800-741-9179 with your request.

Am I able to opt-out of receiving communications from AutoZone Rewards?

If at any time you wish to no longer receive communications from AutoZone Rewards, you can manage your communication preferences by logging in to your account at From there, your contact preferences can be managed under "My Profile". Additionally, you can contact customer service at 1-800-741-9179 with your request. Again, AutoZone will not share your information with any third party.

What can I buy with my Rewards?

AutoZone Rewards may be used toward any purchase at participating AutoZone store locations or online at, with the exception of AutoZone gift cards, Loan-A-Tool, or battery core fees and buy online, pick up in store ("BOPUS") purchases.

Who can join AutoZone Rewards?

With the exception of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. territories are not eligible to participate in the program, AutoZone commercial accounts are also ineligible for participation.

How can I redeem Rewards online?

In order to redeem your Rewards online, you must register your AutoZone Rewards account online. To do so please click here: If you are registered and logged in, upon checkout, you have the option to redeem your Reward online on the Order Summary & Payment page. If you choose to use your Reward at that time, simply select Redeem and your Reward balance will be deducted from your account and applied towards your purchase. If you choose not to use your Reward, proceed with the checkout process and your Reward balance will remain in your account.

How do I join AutoZone Rewards?

You can join AutoZone Rewards by visiting any of our participating AutoZone store locations or by going online to® ©2001- 2020  AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved.