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    1-24 of 422 Results

    About Bolt

    The Nuts and Bolts of Vehicle Durability

    There are dozens of bolts within your vehicle that keep all the parts fastened together so your car runs without falling apart. Everything from the inner mechanical parts to the frame, wheels and interior has to be held together with precision and strength. These bolts come in different sizes, strengths and lengths, but they all work together to ensure your vehicle stays put together and ready to go whenever you need it. If one of these bolts begins to wear out, snaps, shears or otherwise malfunctions, repairs can range from a quick DIY tune-up to major falling out of essential parts. For this reason, it's standard to replace the bolts whenever you make repairs or do maintenance to many parts of the vehicle. Keeping your vehicle together doesn't have to empty your wallet when you get the lowest prices on bolts at AutoZone.

    Choosing the Right Bolt

    When you go to work replacing bolts in your vehicle, it's critical to make sure you're getting the right bolt for the job. Chances are pretty good that you have a collection of spare bolts, screws and other hardware laying around, but just because the screw fits doesn't mean it's right for the job. Before installing bolts, measure the old bolts to make sure you're installing a bolt that is the same size and length. If you think you have the perfect bolt, but something seems a bit different about it, check the radial lines to see what the bolt is graded for. An industry standard is to mark bolts to show what they're made of and how much stress they can take. An unmarked bolt is a Grade 2, whereas a bolt with three radial lines on the head is a Grade 5. Since many automotive bolts need to be able to withstand a lot of stress, they are often Grade 5 or higher. By double-checking the grade of the bolts you're replacing, you can ensure that you'll be purchasing the best bolts for cars and trucks and don't have to worry about the bolt being too weak, unlike many spare bolts you might have at the back of your toolbox.

    Quality and Selection

    No matter what kind of bolts you need, you don't have to search “bolts near me” to know that AutoZone will have what you're looking for. Get fine bolts, self-locking bolts, flange bolts, short bolts, fat bolts, tiny bolts and any other kind of bolts you can think of. Corresponding nuts and washers are available at the same time, so you can quickly get to working on the repairs and maintenance projects you have planned for your vehicle. Every bolt sold at AutoZone is carefully selected for its high-quality and affordability. Careful descriptions and helpful reviews can make choosing the right bolt simple, although a helpful AutoZone parts expert is always available online, over the phone or in your local AutoZone showroom to help you get exactly what you're looking for.