Brake Caliper Paint

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1-4 of 4 Results


      Brake Caliper Paint

      DIY Solutions for Your Brake Calipers

      Brake calipers are vital for your car's braking system and your own personal safety. Since this component houses the brake pads, you won't want to neglect it. Keep yours looking sleek by updating them yourself with brake caliper paint. The spray cans are easy to use and come in several striking colors that are tough enough to stand up to the heat and wear of being part of the brakes and friction against the rotors. Avoid spending the time and money by having it done at a shop, and paint your brake caliper yourself.

      High-Quality Brake Caliper Paints

      At AutoZone, you can find the lowest prices on brake caliper paint. This is the cheapest way to add a stylish flash of color to your car, best visible when the wheels are turning. Painting the calipers requires a sturdy jack stand, as you will need to remove your wheels. Some people may want to remove the calipers completely to paint them, but this step isn't necessary. Before painting this part, it's vital to clean it thoroughly to remove any grime that will cause you to have an uneven, unappealing paint job. Sandpaper, a wire brush and a cleaning solvent will help you with this task. Make sure to avoid allowing the solvent to contact any of the interiors of the brake system, as it can damage the brake lines. Once the calipers are clean and smooth, you can lay out the drop cloth in your painting area to prevent overspray from the aerosol paint. If you skip this step, you could end up with paint on your garage or driveway floor.

      Resist Cracking, Chipping and Rust Damage

      The best brake caliper paint for cars and trucks comes in spray format. It is easy to store after opening, unlike cans of paint that can easily spill and get messy. Even if one of these cans falls over, the spray can format ensures that no paint comes out. The slim cylindrical package is also convenient for storage and can fit easily into cabinets and on shelves. Each can has a shelf life of 24 months, and comes in quantities of 11 ounces. It is designed specifically to stand up to the unique wear and tear that comes from being an auto part. It is heat resistant up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and does not rust. It is also specially formulated to avoid cracking and chipping from extreme weather or regular use. The paint dries down enough to touch after 30 minutes, and we recommend waiting an hour for it to dry before adding another layer of paint.

      Trust the Folks at AutoZone

      If you are looking for brake caliper paint near me, look no further than AutoZone's great deals and trustworthy selection of products. Go to a store in person or shop online to find all the tools needed to get the job done right.