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    1-23 of 23 Results

    About Primer

    Protect Your Vehicle Surface With Great Primer

    Protecting your vehicle from corrosion, rust, and moisture starts with using a quality primer. To ensure a quality finish, use a good primer and the right application tools from the start. Poor and cheap quality primer and improper application technique and tools may enable you to get the job done fast, but the finished product is not going to showcase your skill, expertise or protect the vehicle's body from the elements. At AutoZone, we offer the lowest prices on primers and a wide of array of tools to help with application. Take advantage of our friendly service, tools, and affordable products to ensure your automotive projects have the perfect, professional touch every time.

    Start With the Right Foundation

    Primer is one of the most important aspects of automotive painting. It's ideal for touch-up and full-body paint jobs. Before you apply the color or topcoat that everyone sees, it needs a good paint foundation. After you've sanded the surface down real smooth, a good primer can help any paint color you apply to adhere to metal properly. Also, if you plan to add several coats of color or to provide some custom color, the right primer base ensures optimal results. AutoZone offers the best primers for cars and trucks for you to choose from.

    Keep Your Costs Down

    Depending on the age, model and make of vehicle and the area you work on, there is only so much smoothness you can achieve with a sander. It is not always easy to eliminate the finer bumps, dings, and gaps on car bodies. The use of primer enables you to eliminate much of the hard work without sacrificing paint job quality. We offer one step, multi-mix and aerosol application primers and more.

    Be sure to purchase the appropriate activator if you decide to use a multi-mix primer. Follow the directions to ensure the perfect consistency before you apply it to the metal frame. You can also use it in between paint layers to help smooth out the surface before you apply the final coat of autobody paint. Our selection of primers save you money because you don't have to rely on additional putty and other products to achieve the same results. We also offer a great selection of auto paint color choices.

    Rely on a Leading Auto Product Supplier

    Make AutoZone your first and last stop when searching for primers near me. Our products are available online and instore so you can shop for what you need in the most convenient manner possible. We know that time is precious and are ready and eager to help you complete your autobody repairs and paint jobs as fast as economically possible. Affordability, quality and a huge section of auto parts and products are what we are known for and what we provide at every turn.