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1-8 of 8 Results

1-8 of 8 Results


      Mitsubishi Car Touch Up Paint

      Your Mitsubishi paint looks great from the factory, but it takes care to keep it that way. Paint chips from stones, bugs, and debris can mar the front of the vehicle while door dings and shopping cart scratches can hurt the sides. Rather than live with the scars or leave it open to rusting, cover the damage with Mitsubishi touch up paint, and AutoZone has the perfect match for your color.

      How To Use A Mitsubishi Touch Up Paint Pen

      Using a touch up paint is easy to do, and it can be done by any DIYer. First, clean and dry the area that needs to be repaired. Then, shake the paint pen thoroughly to ensure it's well blended. Apply thin layers of paint from the color side of the pen. Remember, you can always add more paint layers. Once it's dry, reapply as necessary. Wrap it up with clear coat from the other end of the pen, then let it completely dry.

      Where to Buy the Best Car Touch Up Paint

      The best place to buy touch up paint for your Outlander, Endeavor, Lancer, or Eclipse is a place that has colors that match the factory paint exactly. At AutoZone, you'll find options from brands like Dupli-Color that have both clear and color coat in one pen. Or, you can choose an eight-ounce spray can for repairing larger areas.

      If you need Mitsubishi touch up paint, AutoZone has a wide range of colors designed for your car. Shop by year, make, model, and engine size for the right match every time, then get your order soon with convenient options including Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup and Free Next-Day Delivery.