Truck Bed Coating

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    1-15 of 15 Results

    About Truck Bed Coating

    Protect Your Truck Bed With a Truck Bed Coating

    Your truck bed's the perfect place to carry around your tools, equipment and other cargo, but it needs a little bit of protection if you want it performing to the best of its ability without being scratched, dented or otherwise damaged. With some of the best truck bed coating for cars and trucks, you can keep your bed protected by creating a non-skid surface that both holds your cargo in place and protecting it in the event that things do shift. At AutoZone, we have several different kinds of bed coating, each with its own benefits that making hauling around everything from ATVs to tools a less risky job.

    Coating Options

    Typing in “truck bed coatings near me” will reveal a number of different products on our page. One of the first differences you'll probably note is the different types of products, namely spray-on bed coating versus those that are meant to be applied more like a traditional paint. The aerosol products you'll find tend to be faster and easier to apply, but are sometimes a challenge to distribute evenly and you may need multiple packages to cover the entirety of a larger truck bed. The brush-on variety of bed cover, on the other hand, takes a bit more effort to apply and may take longer to dry in some cases, but it provides more thorough coverage and can be easily layered for even more protection. Both varieties have their benefits, and it's up to you to decide which is the best for your individual needs. Expert employees at your local AutoZone store can help you make the decision if you're a bit unsure of which product is right for you.

    Coating Kits

    We also have a number of truck bed coating kits, which include most of the tools and accessories you need to get this job done right. Typically, in these kits you'll find the bed coating itself, a roller frame with a cover, a soft brush, a roller pan and a scuff pad in order to properly and accurately apply your new cover. It's also recommended to pick up some paint-safe masking tape and paper to protect your paintjob during application, along with a dry cloth and a product that removes wax and tar to ensure you're starting with a truly clean, clear surface, which will give you the best possible results when the job's done.

    Low-Cost Options

    For the lowest prices on truck bed coatings, kits and related accessories, browse the options at your local AutoZone store. If you prefer to complete your shopping experience online, you can take advantage of free in-store pickup that can often be completed the very next day. Regardless of which product you choose, you'll be confident moving forward, knowing that your truck bed will withstand the various challenges you throw at it throughout any job or adventure.