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1-5 of 5 Results


      Vinyl and Fabric Paint

      Premium Paint Vinyl and Fabric Coating

      There's nothing like a fresh, new look for your car's interior. Recovering your car seats and refinishing your dash can be an expensive investment. Instead, shop AutoZone's selection of the best vinyl paint for cars and trucks today.

      Learn how these convenient, premium paints can quickly add a splash of color or restore your classic look to your car's interior today. This easy DIY project involves minimal time and setup as you quickly recoat your interior for a personalized touch.

      Restored Interior

      As your car ages, the interior can begin to fade. This is particularly true if your car's interior is frequently exposed to direct sunlight. As fabric and vinyl ages, cracks, faded spots and scuffs can leave it looking outdated and worn out.

      Restore nearly any vinyl or fabric surface of your car or truck today. Read the instructions of each can carefully to ensure proper use. From small spots to complete interiors, it's easy to add achieve an impressive look for your vehicle. Find the lowest prices on vinyl paint to coat these and other surfaces in your car's interior:

      - Dashboard
      - Floor mats
      - Vinyl seats
      - Vinyl car tops
      - Luggage
      - Car door panels
      - And more
      Whether you need to touch up a few spots or completely recoat your interior, choose an affordable can and follow the instructions to bring back that new car look.

      Updated Look and Feel

      For a splash of color, consider selecting a contrasting color for your interior. A bright red seat cushion or accent panels in gray can really bring out a unique look and feel to your plain black interior. Even if your interior isn't faded or scratched, a touch of color can give you a personalized look and memorable feel to your interior.

      As a UV-resistant coating, these paint options provide maximum flexibility for a long-lasting hold. Choose a durable, specialized paint for your vehicle in order to provide a professional look and premium restoration.

      Convenient DIY Project

      At AutoZone, we carry only the best brands and quality parts for your vehicle. Trust our line of vinyl and fabric paints, and find affordable fabric paint near me. As a DIY project, recoating your vehicle's interior is an easy project that will be complete in just a few hours.

      Simply tape off any areas that you don't wish to paint. Be sure to use this paint in a ventilated area. The convenient nozzle and premium paint make it easy to cover every surface. Typically, these paints are dry to the touch in just 30 minutes. Apply two coats for maximum protection and a long-lasting look.

      Whether you're adding a fun, new accent color to your car or completely restoring the interior, stop by your local AutoZone or shop online to find the best prices and a wide selection of premium products today.