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Without your alternator, there is no go. The alternator recharges your vehicle's battery after starting by reversing current flow, to keep your voltage high- start after start. What may seem simply like a dead battery could actually be a faulty alternator not allowing your vehicle to start- and jumper cables aren't going to cut it. If your battery seems to be losing charge quickly, or it's consistently dead, it's time to invest in a replacement alternator from AutoZone.

Your vehicle's alternator is just as important as its engine- it's responsible for keeping your battery charged, after all. When your vehicle is running, your alternator powers the electrical system. A clear indicator of a faulty alternator is your lights, blower fans, horn and radio starting to lose power. Even worse, a malfunctioning alternator eventually leads to a dead battery, and your vehicle can't start. Avoid all of this hassle by replacing your alternator and alternator parts with the help of AutoZone. Whether you need a Toyota Corolla car alternator or an alternator for Accord, we have all the right products at the right prices, guaranteeing you an easy shopping experience.

Choose our Same Day Store Pickup option to get your part today. When you arrive at your local AutoZone, knowledgeable staff greets you to help you with any automotive question you have. Also, check out our Loan-A-Tool Program to ensure you have all the tools to get the job done right. We have everything you need when it comes time to replace your malfunctioning alternator, so turn to AutoZone to get you and your ride back on the road fast.