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There's nothing worse than heading out in the morning, only for your car not to start. Don't be left stranded in the cold, in a parking lot or anywhere else - make sure your battery is in optimal operating condition by replacing it with a performance battery from AutoZone. We provide the best batteries for each make and model, so your vehicle can go back to being ol' reliable.

Vibration and corrosion are leading causes of battery failure, but that's hard to see on something tucked away under your hood or in your trunk. Luckily, AutoZone carries a variety of aftermarket and performance batteries that are exclusively designed to fit your vehicle's specific requirements - so you can leave battery failure woes behind. Before making a purchase, you can read our article on How to Tell if Your Car Battery is Dead. If that truly is the case, then we recommend a Duralast Gold Auto Battery, which is a tough and durable battery that's sure to meet or exceed your original equipment battery specifications.

Duralast Gold's plates and grids are designed and built to maximize power in cars, trucks and marine vehicles. The battery also features well-designed vent caps to prevent the loss of acid. Duralast Gold has a 3-Year, Free Replacement Warranty. Plus, all of AutoZone's batteries, including Toyota Camry batteries and Honda Civic batteries, are backed by a 2-Year Free Replacement Warranty. Batteries from AutoZone are available for convenient online ordering and Same-Day Store Pick-up so you can replace your battery immediately. Before you start your order, consider checking for car battery coupons.