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Dorman Battery Cover 242-5601
  • Part # 242-5601
  • SKU # 850522
Notes: With Dual Batteries
Dorman Battery Cover 242-5106
  • Part # 242-5106
  • SKU # 384603
Dorman Battery Cover 242-5103
  • Part # 242-5103
  • SKU # 582467


Battery Cover

Your Source for the Best Battery Covers
Your vehicle's battery provides a consistent source of power for all its electrical system. Once the battery goes, you're dead in the water. Before that happens, make sure your power cell is protected with a durable high-quality battery cover. You've come to AutoZone, the DIYer's top source for the best battery covers for cars and trucks. Check out our selection of covers sourced from Dorman, a respected producer of OEM replacement components for more than a century. 

The importance of a Quality Battery Cover
Whether you use your vehicle for commuting, errands, hauling cargo or weekend excursions in the great outdoors, you need a dependable battery to keep its wheels rolling. Your battery's cover seems like just a small component, but it plays a big role in ensuring your vehicle gets reliable constant power. The cover shields the top of your vehicle's power cell, blocking debris and contaminants to prevent battery terminal corrosion and corruption of its acid cells. If your cover breaks or is missing, you risk common problems such as leaks, low acid and loss of power.

Protect Your Battery With a Durable Cover
You searched “battery covers near me” and the results brought you to AutoZone. Take a look at our inventory of battery covers, sourced from trusted industry brands such as Dorman. Since 1918, Dorman has supplied professionals and DIYers with new replacement auto components that fit, function and perform just like the OEM versions. When you buy a Dorman battery cover, you get a dependable long-lasting product. All Dorman covers are fabricated from high-quality plastic, given them improved resilience and durability to keep debris and the elements away and prevent them from damaging your battery. With a Dorman cover, you get longer battery life and greater peace of mind whether you're out on the freeway or navigating off-road trails.

Save Time and Money at AutoZone
AutoZone has the lowest prices on battery covers, but we also help you save money on everything else you need to get back on the road. When your battery is on its last legs, get a quick high-quality replacement from your local neighborhood store or order it online. Not sure whether you need a new battery? Take your vehicle to your nearby location and our AutoZoners will test your battery for free. We also offer a no-cost battery charging service and will recycle your old battery core if you buy your replacement from us. AutoZone also stocks battery cables, terminals, clamps, cable covers and everything else to ensure your vehicle stays juiced up and ready to hit the road. Don't forget our “Buy Online Pick Up In Store” feature, which lets you select and pay for your parts on our website and pick up the same day at your local AutoZone.