SHOP Switches, Relays and Sensors WITH AUTOZONE

Just like any machine, your car has components that transfer energy between two points. In your vehicle, these components are called switches, relays and sensors. When these parts break or wear, electricity transmission and vital sensors stop working. Shop at AutoZone to find every switch, relay or sensor needed for your repair job.

Every system within your vehicle relies on some form of switch, relay or sensor - so when these turn faulty, your car won't function as well as it once did. We carry every custom-fit component you need to ensure your ride runs at peak performance, so don't delay when you notice the switches, relays and sensors failing in your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a battery temperature sensor, starter relay or a battery charger relay, you'll find a replacement at AutoZone.

Most relays, switches and sensors also work together, so when one goes bad, you might lose the function of the others. Find a new Jeep Wrangler sensor or a Ford Explorer relay at the best possible prices when you browse the selection available at AutoZone.