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If you have a car or trailer that uses drum brakes, brake fade might happen more quickly than with disc brakes. Don't let worn brakes prevent you from stopping at a moment's notice - AutoZone provides you with the best brake shoes and drum brakes on the market so you can rip down the road again with safety and strength.

When it comes to driving, safety is our top priority and we carry the right products to get you and your passengers everywhere securely. The brake system is one of the most important to maintain, particularly if your vehicle has a drum brake system. Drum brakes are more susceptible to brake fade because most of the heat that builds up within the system is retained longer than with disc brakes. If you own an older vehicle, economy car or a trailer, it's possible your rear brake drums need maintenance or replacement sooner rather than later.

AutoZone stocks every brake drum component you need, from brake cables and adjusting levers to a complete brake drum or all-in-one brake drum kit. In addition to carrying the best products, all of our products are custom-engineered to ensure the brake drum fits into your specific year, make and model. So, whether you need Chevy Silverado rear drum brakes, Ford F-150 brake drums or anything in between, AutoZone has the proper brake product for your replacement job. If you want to know how to do a DIY brake job, check out our guide: how to change your drum brakes.