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Try opening your door, changing your music, adjusting your windshield wipers or even using your turn signal without knobs, levers and handles - you can't, they're essential to your daily driving. If you have faulty handles or levers, AutoZone has all the products you need to get your accessories working again. Avoid the hassle of finagling with broken or missing accessory levers and get any door handles or switch knobs you need today.

Many issues can be caused by a missing or broken handle or lever including the inability to access your engine due to a hood lever missing. This could cause problems if an emergency situation arises and you cannot fix it. Similarly, safety issues can occur like the inability to use headlights if the knob is not functioning properly. Even more, your comfort can be impeded by not being able to adjust the temperature or radio due to broken switch components. Prevent all of the above by checking out our replacement knobs, levers and handles to enhance your safety and enjoyment.

Whether you need new Ford Ranger door handle or some Chevy Silverado interior door handles, AutoZone has you covered in everything related to accessory controls. Take advantage of our Same Day Store Pickup to get your part today.