Without your axles, your vehicle can't be driven. The axle sends power to the wheels from the engine through the transmission and differential, giving you a smooth ride. What may seem simply like a clicking sound when cornering or braking could actually be a faulty axle- and you need a new one soon. Invest in a replacement axle from AutoZone and save yourself the headache of the body shop.

The clunking, clicking or rickety ride you're experiencing in your vehicle may be due to faulty axles. Your axles bear the brunt of the wear and tear when it comes to driving, and old trusty may not be so trusty anymore if you don't safeguard your axles. Without functioning axles, you lose all power to your wheels- making it impossible to travel anywhere. If your axles are wobbling or you detect any play or slack in your vehicle, head to AutoZone for an axle replacement part.

Whether you need an axle for Toyota Tundra after hitting the dirt road too hard, or you need a Ford F150 rear axle after a long weekend off-roading in the desert, we have you covered. From axle shaft bearings to axle spindle seal, we have all the products to get you back on the road in a jiffy. Choose Same Day Store Pickup to get your part today. Check out our Loan-A-Tool Program to ensure you have all the right tools to get the job done quick.