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Wheel bearings are the basic component that allows you to enjoy a smooth ride- that's if you maintain them. If you notice a rhythmic rotating noise that's becoming more prominent, it's likely time for wheel bearing replacements. Complete the upgrade by replacing your seals as well. Whatever your needs, AutoZone has the right products.

Without functioning wheel bearings, your drive is bumpy and noisy. Reduce that headache with new bearing, seal and wheel products from AutoZone. Heat and water are inevitable during the lifetime of your vehicle, which are the two main factors that lead to bearing wear. Also, the lack of lubrication leads to excessive friction in the bearings, wearing them down. When this unavoidable wear and tear occurs, AutoZone has everything you need to make it a quick fix. With our wide variety of wheel bearings, you can find the one to perfectly fit the year, make and model of your specific vehicle. Whether you need to update your Nissan Altima bearing, or your Ford F150 bearing, we have your back.

Shop with us and and choose Same Day Store Pickup to get your part today. Upon arrival to your nearest AutoZone, our knowledgeable staff can help you with any automotive question you may have.