There are so many reasons you'd choose to drive your manual vehicle, and we know you'd drive it over an automatic - any day. With better fuel economy and cheaper maintenance, your choice is really a no-brainer. Make sure to maintain your manual transmission components, including your clutch, so that your ride stays with you for the long haul.

Maybe you enjoy the simplicity of your manual drive, or maybe you love your vehicle's fuel economy, but one thing's for sure - you definitely have more fun than your automatic driving counterparts. Keep your transmission smooth by maintaining your clutch with the wide variety of clutch products from AutoZone. Your clutch uses friction, and in turn must be replaced periodically, which is why we carry all clutch parts to make your repair job quick and easy. We have everything from a full clutch kit, equipped to meet OEM specifications, to clutch pivot balls and alignment tools. No matter the extent of your repair or rebuild, AutoZone brings you the best products all while saving you money at checkout.

A defective clutch usually causes an upsurge in engine RPM without an increase in vehicle speed. A faulty clutch is also frequently accompanied by a burning smell. Choosing a top-notch clutch set from AutoZone can positively affect your ride's performance by eliminating shifting problems, so you can finally reverse comfortably and enjoy your drive.

Your rough and tough off-road driving may leave you needing a clutch for Jeep Wranger, or your ripping-and-roaring down the highway may require a new Ford Mustang clutch kit. Either way, you can find model-specific parts at AutoZone. To sweeten the deal, enjoy Same Day Store Pickup to get your parts today.