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Whether you're tightly cornering the twists of the road or driving in inclement weather and need to avoid slipping, your differential is the component that helps control the power transmitted to your front or rear wheels. To keep that control flowing from your engine to your wheels, maintain your differential and components, including fluids, bearings and differential covers, by checking out the top-quality replacement differential products AutoZone carries.

Your differential plays a vital role in allowing the drivetrain to exert power to your wheels. The type of differential you have depends on your vehicle - you may have an open differential, limited slip differential or a locking differential. Whichever differential and components your vehicle calls for, you're guaranteed to find the right product at AutoZone. We stock everything from complete differentials to front differential bearings and differential gears and axles.

We also carry a variety of custom-fit products for your specific year, make and model. So, whether you need a rear differential for F150 or a new Toyota Camry differential, AutoZone has you covered. To ensure you have all the tools to get the job done right, check out our convenient Loan-A-Tool program. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup to get your replacement parts today.