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Whether you're taking the road less traveled or need extra power during harsh elements, AutoZone has the right drive shaft parts for your repair. Your U-joints are the most common point of failure for your drive shaft, and luckily AutoZone has the replacement part and mor for your specific vehicle. Elevate your performance and torque to the next level with an upgraded drive shaft from AutoZone.

Tackling the off-road requires more power than what your stock drive shaft can deliver. Come to AutoZone for drive shafts and components that provide you with better torque and power transfer than your OEM drive shaft. If you hear vibrations while driving or a clunking sound from under your car when you accelerate, your U-joints in your drive shaft may be bad. Your U-joints can wear out over miles of off-roading or driving in rough elements, so be sure to replace yours when the time comes or your vehicle may be rendered inoperable.

We understand not every vehicle can use the same drive shaft components, that's why we stock custom-fit drive shafts for your particular year, make and model. Whether you need a new drive shaft for Ford F150, a Silverado drive shaft or anything in between, AutoZone has you covered. Plus, you can utilize Same Day Store Pickup to start your project today.