SHOP Speedometer and Cruise Control WITH


If your speedometer is broken, you're more likely to speed, potentially breaking the law and putting fellow drivers in danger. Before you have a run-in with the unis, restore your faulty speedometer or cruise control system with all-new speedometer and cruise control components from AutoZone.

Your speedometer and cruise control are two components that always work - until they don't. Until these parts become faulty, we don't realize how much we rely on them during our daily driving. When the time comes to repair your speedometer or cruise control, AutoZone carries every top-notch product for the job. Whether your repair requires a cruise control switch or a speedometer cable, you can find here.

Every replacement part is custom-fit to your specific vehicle so you can be assured your speedometer and cruise control part works effortlessly in your ride. Whether your Honda Accord speedometers have gone bad or you need to replace your Dodge Ram speedometer, we have you covered. Utilize Same Day Store Pickup .