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Taking an adventurous back-woods cruise can be exciting, but the fun comes to a halt if you're hearing loud clunking or clanking sounds when shifting. Your vehicle's U-joints, found in the driveshafts, permit the shaft to bend under a heavy load and transmit power from one end to the other. If your U-joint is worn-out at the connecting points to the driveshaft, you can count on AutoZone's custom replacement U-joints to repair it and prevent future annoying noises and damage.

Your ride's performance depends on more than first-rate spark plugs and premium fuel. Many intricate components need to function properly in order to deliver an impeccable drive, including your U-joints. When accelerating, a faulty U-joint can throw your driveshaft out of balance, which generates vibrations that can escalate as you speed up. A defective U-joint can also ultimately break apart, if not repaired quickly, causing your vehicle to fail to respond to any power it receives from the transmission. A replacement U-joint from AutoZone prevents your old component from breaking apart, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable ride.

Shop for a U-joint at your local AutoZone store or online - we provide vehicle-specific U-joints, so whether you're looking for a Toyota Camry universal joint replacement or a universal joint for Nissan Altima sedans, we have what you're looking for. If you need your U-joint today, choose our Same Day Store Pickup option when you order online.