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Your vehicle's starting relay transmits current to engage the starter motor, while a charging relay controls the output of the alternator. Both relays are essential, and if left unchecked could lead to lack of power for lights, air conditioning or stereo- even worse- faulty relays could lead to the inability to start your ride all together. Avoid that hassle by getting to AutoZone where you can satisfy all of your relay replacement needs.

A running alternator and enough current within your ignition switch and battery starter is the key to a functioning vehicle. Having faulty relay products can really put a damper on your upcoming trip, or even just your daily travels. Experience a smooth driving experience by making sure you keep your battery, starting and charging relays up to date- it's an easy task with help from AutoZone, your perfect solution for everything automotive.

Whether you need a new Ford Explorer relay to tackle your adventures more easily, or you need relays for Volkswagen Jetta to make your daily commute smoother, we have you covered. Get to your local AutoZone where you can find all the right products and helpful staff to point you in the right direction. Or, shop online and enjoy Free Shipping option.