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You can jazz up your ride as much as you want- but when it comes to safety, there are a few systems that simply require regular maintenance, your brake system being one of them. Within your brake system, your relays are about as important as neurons are to your brain- they're the essential firing power that actually gets things done. When your brake relays go faulty, turn to AutoZone for everything you need for a quick fix.

Whether your car is your daily driver or your weekend cruiser there are a few components you shouldn't overlook- your brakes and traction control relays are at the top of the list. The relays within your vehicle trigger the ABS system and traction control for when you need to stop at a moment's notice. Sensors within your brake system detect whether your wheels are locked or slipping and ignite the relay to engage the ABS or traction control system. So, if you're sliding on ice, or skidding on dust, a new brake relay helps you come to a more precise stop.

Maybe you need a BMW 3-series relay, or a traction control relay for Jetta- either case, AutoZone has you covered. Test and replace your brake relays often to ensure they're working properly for potentially life threatening situations. Ensure you have all the parts you need to protect your safety by utilizing our Free Shipping option.